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May 11

The Top 4 Ways to Clean a Spark Plug

In essence, a spark plug is an automobile’s life. Spark plugs are vital to both a truck and a small automobile, regardless of the vehicle. One of the most arduous components of a car is a spark plug. The spark plug carries the full burden of duty for an automobile to start. The tiniest and most important component of every automobile or engine is the spark plug. As a result, spark plugs need to be clean in every vehicle.

Consider the tiniest of particles preventing spark plugs from operating properly. Simply put, your automobile will not start. In actuality, cleaning spark plugs is not that tough. You only need the right information and method, which this article will provide.

What is a Spark Plug?

Your car’s most critical influencing factor is its spark plugs. Even when your engine is off, they must continue to operate continuously. Spark plugs have a significant impact on a number of engine operations, including acceleration, idle, and fuel economy.

You will find it fascinating to learn that there are primarily two sorts of spark plugs. The first is called a “hot plug,” and the second a “cold plug.” Despite the fact that they both seem to be similar, there is a significant difference. The hot plug has a longer nose, which aids in holding heat for a hotter tip, as you will see if you pay close attention.

The shorter insulator nose of the cold plug, on the other hand, lets it release heat much more quickly. We do not want the performance of the automobile to be negatively impacted or even worse by using the incorrect spark plug. So, selecting the proper spark plug and keeping them clean have gained importance.

How can a spark plug be cleaned?

The first guideline of basic automotive maintenance advice is to clean the spark plug, which says a lot about the owner of the vehicle. There are several techniques one may use to effectively clean the spark plugs in their engine. The following approaches are elaborated:

1. Using sandpaper to clean the spark plugs

Have you ever considered that something as simple as sandpaper might be effective for cleaning spark plugs? Indeed, it is the solution. Here is how you use sandpaper to clean spark plugs.

  • Carefully remove the spark plug from the engine system, and then use sandpaper with a roughness of 170 or higher to remove any soot residue.
  • To remove any deposits wedged between the electrodes and the arm, fold and split the sandpaper in half, then slide it between the two.
  • To remove the debris from the groove, clean the space between the electrode and the insulator. To get to the groove, you can either use a pin or other tiny wire.
  • Flip the spark plug over and place the electrode side down to remove the sanding particle. Make sure the sand has been removed by giving the component a thorough blow.

2. Using the grit blasting process, clean spark plugs

Grit blasters are frequently used in expert auto shops and Smart repair centres to quickly clean spark plugs. The spark plug may be cleaned using a grit blasting equipment, but there are also less expensive options that are simpler. Here is how to easily clean spark plugs with basic equipment.

  • For the purpose of creating room for the file by levering open the gap, use a gapping tool or a screwdriver, ideally a thin one.
  • If there is an excess of oil and debris inside the groove, now carefully clean the treads with a delicate wire brush.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean the ceramic component of the plug as well as the entire plug, the exterior parts, and any extra debris using a soft cloth.

3. Using air pressure to clean spark plugs

Using compressed air makes cleaning spark plugs so much easier and less strenuous. After checking the engine and locating the spark plug, you must blow away the debris to prevent it from obstructing other components. Here is how you can do it.

  • Before using compressed air, gently remove the spark plug from the engine body.
  • Spray compressed gas around the spark plug to remove any debris or dust particles. The loosely present particle will be impressed by the gas.
  • Be careful not to abuse it. By employing pressurised gas, larger particles are meant to be moved quickly rather than being thrown into another hole or component.
  • Use a cloth and easily wipe the area once the particles have been moved in a loose manner. then reattach the spark plug.

4. Making use of a blowtorch to clean spark plugs

A blow torch may also be used to professionally clean a car’s spark plug. Yet, this technique obviously calls for the appropriate tools and a blow torch. In addition, a person must be knowledgeable about how it operates to prevent mishaps. Here is how to clean the spark plug using a blowtorch.

  • In order to prevent burning injuries, it is preferable to hold the spark plug using a plier since blow torches produce flames.
  • You can get a good hold on the spark plug using pliers. Using safety gloves and lighting the blow torch are the next two steps. To enable the flow of propane or ethane gas, turn the knob. Use a source to ignite the torch.
  • Strike the spark plug with the torch. This will burn all the rubbish and carbon material surrounding it. When you have finished burning, let the spark plug to cool and rest. Reinstall the plug after cleaning it.


Even though it is the tiniest, a spark plug is the most crucial component of a car. It contributes to the car’s power, fuel economy, and acceleration to some extent. Hence, it is crucial that they continue to be functional and clean at all times. We are convinced you will choose Smart Mechanics Smart Repairs in Bishop Stortford if you need to replace your spark plugs. Visit the closest Smart Repairs in Essex, Bishops Stortford, or Stansted, or contact Smart Mechanics in Bishop Stortford.

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