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Sep 13


We have officially entered pothole season as spring approaches. Potholes may be your car’s deadliest adversary in addition to being a driving annoyance.

A pothole is a place on the road’s surface where there are cracks, wear, and holes. It begins as a crack, but if it is not repaired right away, it can expand into a hole that can range in size from a few inches wide and deep to several feet wide and deep. Your alignment, steering, suspension, and wheels might all suffer severe damage because of these holes.

The following are three ways that hitting a pothole might harm your car:

Damage to the steering and suspension 

Your car’s handling and ride quality are determined by the coordination of the steering and suspension systems. Ball joints, bearings, seals, hub units, shocks and/or struts, steering box/rack, steering knuckle, and tie rod ends are some of the major parts of these systems. The following are indications that the steering and/or suspension system has been harmed:

Do not hesitate to bring your car in for servicing if you believe that driving over a pothole has damaged one of these vital driving systems. The sooner the issue is resolved, the less expensive and simpler it will be to fix.

Wheel Alignment

Your wheels might get out of alignment if you drive over a pothole. Although you might not give it much thought, correct wheel alignment is crucial for ensuring safe vehicle control. Additionally, it prolongs the life of your tyres. Wheel alignment issues can be indicated by:

Visible tyre damage

It will be possible to see some tyre damage from potholes with the naked eye. Under all kinds of driving circumstances, your car’s tyres are the sole thing separating it from the pavement. Therefore, any harm to them should be repaired right away. Following a pothole encounter, watch out for the following

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