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Jan 23

What Should You Do When Your Engine Is Overheating?

Have you ever had your car overheat? Do you dread the day it may happen to you? Overheating engines are more prevalent than you may believe, and they require a clear head as well as awareness of what should and should not be done. 

Steps for Taking Care of an Overheated Engine in a Safe Way

Turn up the heat. While it may appear counterintuitive, cranking up the heat will assist in transferring heat from your engine to your cabin. Although it may make you feel uneasy, doing so might save your engine.

Turn the engine off and pull over to a safe spot. When you switch off your engine, be sure you’re not in any traffic. Turn on your hazard lights if you’ve pulled over to the side of the road to warn incoming motorists.

While the hood is hot, do not open it. Because they want the heat to escape, many drivers make this error. The heated metal or steam, on the other hand, frequently causes burns. Do not open the hood if it is hot for your safety. For the time being, the best you can do is use your vehicle’s remote to open the hood. After you’ve turned off the engine, wait at least 15 minutes before raising the hood.

Make sure you have enough coolant. Engines overheat often as a result of insufficient coolant flow. Fill the coolant reservoir tank if you have enough coolant. Locate the reservoir and add it according to the directions in your owner’s handbook.

Request assistance. Contact Smart Mechanics to seek roadside help or mobile mechanic if you don’t have coolant or suspect a different problem with your automobile. We can assist you in obtaining coolant and, if necessary, a tow truck.

To get to the mechanic, drive slowly and cautiously. Adding coolant to an engine might sometimes be all that’s required to prevent it from overheating. Other faults, such as a leaking hose or a malfunctioning radiator fan, may be hidden. Drive cautiously to the nearest technician or call Smart Mechanics mobile mechanics after restarting your engine so they can inspect your vehicle. If it starts to overheat again, continue these instructions until you can safely drive again.

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