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Nov 14


The time of year is when the temperature is rapidly falling. It may still be dark outside, but we are already waking up and leaving our homes in temperatures in the 30s or below, making our daily journey a little more difficult. Before you out on the road, can your automobile thaw you and your windshield? Before the temperatures continue to decrease, you should have your car inspected if you have observed that chilly air is blowing through your vents.

What Causes a Heater to Stop Working?

  • A heater’s failure can be brought on by a number of factors. The following are the most typical occurrences at Smart Mechanics:
  • Low amount of antifreeze or water in the radiator. Could cause a cooling system leak.
  • A broken thermostat that prevents the engine from fully warming up.
  • Improperly functioning blower fan.
  • Polluted or littered coolant that prevents the heating core from moving air into the cabin.

Car Heater Failure Can Be Prevented by Cooling System Maintenance

The heating system is made up of many parts. As a result, we advise that you have one of our Car mechanics in Bishops Stortford inspect and identify any heating issues. Houses often have a fixed heating system that can be changed as required; your car probably does not have one like that. Your car’s heating system is made up of several components. In actuality, the system that heats the interior of your car is not particularly unlike from the one that cools the engine. 

The coolant is heated and sent into the heating core, which is similar to a miniature radiator, when the engine reaches its operational temperature, which is controlled by a thermostat. The heated air from the heating core is then forced through your cabin air filter and into the car’s interior from beneath the dashboard by a blower fan.

A good cooling system leads to a heater core and system that are both healthy. By keeping your cooling system in decent shape, you may avoid heater failure. Keep the coolant clean and full and inspect the hoses and belts. Every two to three years, or as instructed in your owner’s handbook, flush the coolant system. 

By having your cooling system flushed, you can make sure that your engine cools correctly and that your heater operates quickly and efficiently on these chilly winter mornings. This is accomplished by ensuring that the coolant can readily flow through the engine, the radiator, and the heater core. Many late-model cars will not need cooling system maintenance for 60,000 to 100,000 miles, and heating issues are uncommon in newer cars.

Having a broken car heater is unnecessary, especially during the winter. If you have any issues, bring your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford. Our car mechanics in Bishop Stortford can promptly identify the issue and fix it. Make an appointment over the phone or online.

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