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May 20

3 Reasons for a Sudden Car Breakdown

There are certain unpleasant situations that are unavoidable sometimes- especially car breakdown in the middle of the road or highway. But what causes breakdown? Let’s have a look:

  1. Faulty Battery

Battery trouble is often the main cause of breakdown issues. Flat batteries are most usually caused because of leaving the lights on when the engine’s off. Also,  if you don’t take long trips very often, your battery won’t have much of a chance to charge which is why regular driving is important for keeping your battery charged.

  1. Damaged tyres

A flat tyre caused by a puncture is a very common cause of breaking down. Checking the pressure in your tires is a good way to avoid a potential flat, but even that won’t help if your tires are worn out.  If an unseen debris on the road causes damage to your tyres, then it is best advised to stop and check for potential damage. Which is why it’s absolutely necessary to have your car tyres inspected by  Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford on a routine basis to ensure you have a safe driving experience. 

  1. Fuel Problems

Running out of fuel and usage of wrong fuel can also sometimes cause sudden breakdown which is why it is important to pay attention to your gas gauge and if you’ve accidentally put petrol in your diesel car or the other way around then it’s highly imperative to have the wrong fuel pumped out and replaced.These are some of the reasons your car may experience sudden break down. For a quick and smart recovery service, get in touch with Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford.

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