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Jun 01

3 Ways that Regular Maintenance on your Car will Save you Money

Here at Smart Mechanics, we understand that cars can be an expensive addition to your family. There’s insurance, road tax, petrol, and then money you’ll spend on maintenance. That can include an annual service and MoT test, but also smaller jobs like filter changes, tire changes and any major or minor repairs that come along the road.

In our effort to be economical, we may sometimes overlook car maintenance, pushing that expense back a month thinking that the car can easily wait. The trouble is, however, that it’s the waiting that can really push your car upkeep bills higher. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but let us explain.

Here are three ways that keeping up with regular maintenance actually saves you money in the long run:

  1. A minor fix now will prevent a major breakdown further down the line
    So many issues in your car start as something very minor. It could be a loose component, a clogged filter, deteriorating engine oil or a tiny chip in your windscreen. That single small issue, if left unmanaged, can suddenly and dangerously balloon into something far more serious.

    Remember that your car is made up of an impossibly complex series of moving interconnected parts. When even one part of the system doesn’t work properly, it has a negative domino effect on other parts of the car. Those domino effects are the ones that create the biggest bills down the line.

  1. Your car will stay at its best for longer
    A well-maintained car keeps its “new” feel for much longer. If you’ve bought a quality second-hand car before, you’ll know that the ones that have been well kept only have their odometer and registration as proof of their real age. The rest could fool you completely.

    Keeping up with all essential maintenance helps to ensure that your car keeps a pleasing resale value, and stays like new for you for longer.

  1. Maintenance will keep your car efficient, thus saving on petrol costs
    Have you ever noticed that the car you’re driving became less fuel-efficient over time? You may find yourself filling up more frequently, spending more money on petrol each week or each month. It might confuse you at first.

    The reality is, however, that poor maintenance greatly reduces your car’s efficiency, forcing the engine to work harder to make it go at the same speeds and up the same hills that it normally does. More work for the engine means more petrol.

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