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Jan 30

7 Signs Your Engine Needs An Overhaul

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Without proper care and maintenance your car’s engine will quickly fall into despair. To avoid unfortunate incidents on the road or being stranded in the middle of nowhere, it’s very vital to carry out a complete and overall inspection of your car on a routine basis in order to determine any wear and tear or damage that can be immediately attended to and fixed. One such component that needs attention is your vehicle’s engine. There are certain warning signs that you need look out for, such as:

  1. Compression Loss
  2. Loud and Strange Engine Noise
  3. Metal Flakes in Engine Oil
  4. Increased Exhaust Smoke
  5. Lack of Power
  6. Decreased Fuel efficiency
  7. Check engine Light is ON

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues then it’s best to get your car to a vehicle shop near you where they can perform an engine diagnostics. Additionally, by being more vigilant to how your car is operating you can be sure to get to the auto repair shop before more extensive repairs are absolutely necessary. 
For optimal vehicle health and to keep your car running smoothly at all times , it’s wise to seek out a mechanic as soon as you start experiencing trouble. If you need urgent engine repair in Stansted bring your vehicle to Smart Mechanics. Our skilled team of expert mechanics specializes in simple to complex automotive services. From routine maintenance to tyre rotation and wheel alignment to engine overhaul, they’ve got you covered.

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