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Sep 19

Get Your Alloy Wheels Looking Like New with This Easy Guide


Alloy wheels are a great way to add style and performance to your car. However, they can also be susceptible to damage from road salt, brake dust, and other contaminants. If your alloy wheels are looking dull and scratched, don’t despair! You can restore them to their former glory with a little effort.

Here are the steps involved in alloy wheel refurbishment:

  • Clean the wheels thoroughly-This is the most important step, as any dirt or debris will prevent the restoration products from working effectively. You can use a wheel cleaner or a pressure washer to clean the wheels. Be sure to rinse the wheels thoroughly after cleaning them.
  • Remove any scratches or blemishes-If there are any scratches or blemishes on the wheels, you can use a polishing compound to remove them. Be sure to follow the instructions on the polishing compound carefully. You can use a rotary polisher to speed up the process, but be careful not to over-polish the wheels, as this can damage them.
  • Apply a protective coating-Once the wheels are clean and polished, you should apply a protective coating to help prevent them from getting damaged in the future. You can use a clear coat or a wheel wax. The clear coat will provide a hard protective layer, while the wheel wax will provide a glossier finish.

Here are some tips for alloy wheel refurbishment:

  • Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses when working with wheel cleaners and polishing compounds.
  • If you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, you can take your wheels to a professional Alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex.
  • If the wheels are heavily damaged, you may need to have them sandblasted or media blasted before polishing them.
  • Be sure to test the polishing compound in an inconspicuous area of the wheel before using it on the entire wheel.
  • Apply the protective coating evenly and allow it to dry completely before driving the car.
  • By following these steps, you can restore your alloy wheels to their former glory and give your car a new look.
  • If the wheels are very dirty, you may need to soak them in a wheel cleaner solution before cleaning them.
  • Be sure to clean the inside of the wheels as well as the outside.
  • If there are any deep scratches or gouges in the wheels, you may not be able to remove them completely.
  • If you are polishing the wheels yourself, be sure to use a soft cloth or pad to avoid scratching them.
  • Apply the protective coating in a well-ventilated area.

If you’re not sure how to refurbish your alloy wheels, or if you need help with any Smart repairs, be sure to visit Smart Refurbs in Essex. We are certified in Alloy wheel refurbishment, and we can help you get your wheels looking like new.

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