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Jan 01


You won’t be able to fix any severe issues with your automobile if you aren’t a skilled technician. However, if the vehicle fails the test, even for a small issue, you may be forced to pay to have it retested.

Faulty lightbulbs and door handles can cause your car to fail its MOT. However, these are issues that you can either address yourself or bring to the notice of a professional before booking your car in for its test. Below is a list of other little factors that might make the difference between your automobile passing or failing its MOT, all of which are simple to check on your own.

Number plates; it’s critical that your license plates be securely fastened, readily visible, and appropriate for the year of your car. If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a new registration for your vehicle, you should check the DVLA website to see if it is permitted to use those plates on your specific make and model of vehicle.

Driving a car is the most convenient way to examine the steering. If it doesn’t seem right or if there are any flaws, you’ve undoubtedly noticed. If your car’s MOT is coming up soon and you’ve detected an issue with the steering, make an appointment to get it checked at before the certificate expires.

Make sure there are no leaks in the power steering system. You can try to correct any slack in the steering manually if your automobile has a steering box.

Horn – this is a simple test, but believe it or not, if your horn isn’t working, you might fail your MOT. You must ensure that there are no delays between pressing the horn and hearing the sound, and that the sound is clear and powerful.

Lights – get the assistance of another person to check all your vehicle’s lights. A faulty lightbulb in one of your headlights might lead you to fail your MOT and must pay for it all over again. A new lightbulb will cost you next to nothing and is something that you can readily acquire and replace yourself.

Make sure that the bonnet is easy to open and close. The catch must function properly to keep the bonnet in place. You should also make sure that the hinges are adequately lubricated to avoid future issues.

All your doors (including the boot) should effortlessly open and close, and all the locks should function properly.

Dents and scratches won’t prevent you from passing your MOT, but holes in the bodywork may.

These details may seem little but double-checking them before scheduling your car’s MOT might save you time and money. Being without a car may be incredibly inconvenient nowadays, so giving yourself the best chance of passing the MOT is always a good idea.

If your car is due for a MOT and you live in Bishops Stortford, Stansted, or Essex, please call Smart Mechanics. To avoid the chance of bias, all tests are conducted by a professional team. There’s no need to go to the garage, either. We can arrange for your automobile to be picked up and delivered.

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