Our car maintenance tips and tricks
Feb 07

Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle repairs should never be neglected and are mostly unavoidable, routine preventive maintenance checks can essentially help prevent costly automotive servicing in future, saving you money in the process while also keeping your vehicle running in optimal working condition at all times.

Preventive maintenance is more than just changing oil and fluids. It is a thorough process of your vehicle undergoing complete diagnosis and inspection in order to determine any wear and tear or damage. All the vital components in a vehicle have their different life expectancy length, and there are certain times when replacing or topping up components, lubricants or fluids are needed. Bring your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford where complete diagnostics and automotive services are effectively and professionally  carried out. From tyre rotation and wheel balancing to MOT tests and coolant flush – all detailed services are provided under one roof. 

Additionally, preventative maintenance is crucial for increasing the longevity and maximising the performance of your vehicle. Not only does it work to rectify any current wear and tear in your vehicle , but it also effectively aids in preventing further damage from presenting itself in the future. 

Preventive maintenance should also be done to avoid future inconvenience and unfortunate incidents on the road like sudden breakdown etc It’s wise to schedule a routine preventive maintenance service to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly at all times whilst also guaranteeing your safety on the road. 

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