It doesn’t matter if it’s a matt or not. Alloy wheels look great when they’re brand new and shiny, but kerbside damage such as scratches and chippings from the road can spoil the look. Purchasing new alloys may be a difficult task because to the high expense. Refurbishing your alloys, on the other hand, is a far more cost-effective solution to the problem.
Using a very accurate specialised equipment, the Diamond cut procedure removes a little quantity of metal from the wheel. If the faces of your alloy wheels are incredibly shiny almost like the back of a CD, you know they’ve been diamond cut. When contrasted with a darker colour inside the spokes, this finish may be striking. Smart Refurbs has unquestionably taken centre stage in the domain of auto maintenance, whether for reasons of safety or enhanced performance. This might be due to car owners being more knowledgeable about vehicle maintenance and servicing.

Diamond-Cut wheels are first painted, then baked in an oven. The wheel is then placed on the Computer Numerical Controlled Diamond Cutting Lathes to mill the face of the wheel to provide a metallic diamond-cut finish once they have dried. Even though the diamond-cut finish has been lacquered, it is still susceptible to damage.
Furthermore, re-cutting the diamond cut wheels every time they are marred or chipped is not always practicable. This is because part of the metal may be removed, compromising the structural integrity of the wheels over time. Cleaning them with pH neutral detergents or mild vehicle shampoo is the safest method to extend their lifespan.

Powder coating is most commonly applied as a dry powder. Powder coating does not require any solvent, which is the fundamental distinction between powder cut alloys and diamond-cut alloys. To enable it to flow and produce a long-lasting ‘skin,’ a coating is electrostatically sprayed using powder coating equipment and cured using heat. This is the method for creating a hard finish that is more durable than traditional paint. Powder-coated alloy wheels, on the other hand, are coated in the same manner as paint is.

Diamond cut alloys have a higher-shine surface that mimics a DVD finish. Smaller grooves on alloy wheels have a similar effect to fine grooves on DVDs, which give them a greater gleaming quality. This may undoubtedly lure you to a car in the showroom with no effort since they are exceptional because they have a fantastic aesthetic appeal that is tough to match.

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