Is it necessary to get an automobile polishing machine?

When seeking to get a vehicle polishing equipment to buff your own paintwork. There are a few things you should think about first:

Machine polishers will not be able to erase deep scratches due to the depth of the paintwork defect. These would need to be properly fixed by a vehicle bodywork repair company such as Smart Refurbs.

Your technical skill, if you don’t have prior knowledge and expertise with certain types of machine polishers, you could wind up causing more harm than good, so if in doubt, leave it to the pros!

If your paintwork has a lot of surface swirl marks, manual cleaning might not be adequate to remove them. As a result, a car polishing machine would be an excellent choice. It’s also less demanding than hand polishing, which takes a lot of time and effort.

If you’re confident in your abilities and believe you’ll benefit from using a machine polisher rather than doing it by hand, follow the steps below:

What is the best way to utilise a vehicle cleaning machine?

  • Before you use the vehicle buffer, the first thing you need do is clean your vehicle
  • Any dirt or debris left on the paintwork may cause it to scrape even more.
  • Apply a single dab of polish on the polishing head, then distribute it throughout the paintwork to be polished.
  • Place the pad on the paintwork and set the speed to slow.
  • Spread the polish around the area using the buffer.
  • Turn the buffer to the required speed – this may vary depending on the kind of polish you’re using, so read the directions on the container carefully.
  • Apply equal pressure to the paintwork, softly pressing down on the buffer so as not to harm the paint or the buffer.
  • To create a haze effect, slowly move the buffer over the region. It’s possible that you’ll need to review parts more than once.
  • Turn off the buffer after removing it from the paintwork.
  • Remove any remaining residue with a polishing microfibre cloth.

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