The Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels

There is something really attractive about your neighbour’s car, but you cannot put your finger on it. You look harder and realise that the wheels on his car are really attractive and lend the car improved visual impact and character. That is because they probably have alloy wheels fitted to his car.


  • Improved Handling-Alloy wheels are more rigid than steel wheels, and this can greatly improve cornering and handling. Because alloys are essentially harder than standard steel wheels, there is less roll and movement through the corners, so you can expect a tighter, more agile feel on the road.
  • Durability-Do you have a lot of potholes in your area? While you will not want to crash through them with a new set of alloys on your car, they are less likely to cause damage to an alloy wheel than a steel wheel. Again, this comes down to their construction; steel wheels are softer and more likely to bend and buckle when they receive a hard knock, whereas alloys are tougher and should be more durable in the long term.
  • Improved Disc Brake Performance-A basic steel wheel is a vented cylinder covered with a plastic wheel trim. This is a standard setup on older or inexpensive cars, but it does have its drawbacks. For example, disc brakes do not receive as much ventilation, so they dissipate heat slower, affecting performance. Alloy wheels allow for better air circulation, improving the performance of disc brakes.
  • Better Tyre Options-Depending on the alloys you choose, you might find that you have a better range of tyres to choose from when it comes to replacing them. Some wheel sizes have a wider range of tyre options than others, so shop around to make sure the alloys you want are compatible with a good range of tyres.
  • Better heat conduction/dissipation- Since alloys are able to dissipate heat better than steel wheels, they provide better braking performance and decrease the risk of brake failure.
  • Engine Durability-Lower weight means that less pressure will be exerted on the engine. This can greatly improve the durability and efficiency. However, it does not mean that the steel wheel will reduce durability. After all, the manufacturers carry out hours of testing. It is just that alloy wheels are better.


  • Ride Comfort-While alloy wheels do improve handling, there can be a trade-off in ride comfort, especially if you are used to standard steel wheels. This is down to alloy being harder and ‘less forgiving’ than steel, so you might find that there is a bit more vibration and tyre noise.
  • Price-Alloy wheels are a bit expensive as compared to steel wheels. For a person, whose sole purpose is to get from point A to B, steel wheels are the more reasonable choice. If you are concerned about appearance, acceleration, heat resistance etc. then opt for alloy wheels.
  • Damage-One of the advantages of steel wheels is that, when the plastic trim starts to look tired or receives a scratch, you can simply replace it, and often relatively cheaply. This is not the case with alloy wheels which can be expensive to repair. If you opt for a set, remember not to bump up and down any curbs! If you are unsure, you can always consult a professional at Smart Refurbs in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden for more assistance.
  • Insurance-Fitting alloy wheels to your car is classed as a modification, so you need to let your insurer know about it. Depending on your current premium, this could affect the price you pay, and not usually for the better. If you neglect to tell your insurer, it could invalidate your insurance, so it is always best to come clean.

Alloy wheels are the new trend in the wheel industry. More car manufacturers and customers are preferring it over the conventional steel wheels.

These set of wheels not only provide visibly improved looks for your car, but they also provide excellent driving and safety features which makes them extremely popular with car owners and motor enthusiasts. This does not mean alloy wheels are to be unlooked over time, visit Smart Refurbs in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden for a detailed and professional check and repairs.