What are the benefits of having your alloy wheels refurbed at Smart Refurbs?

The tyre is held in place by the rim, which is the outside portion of the wheel. Rim damage can develop as a result of a flat tyre, an accident, or a road bump, among other things. Most individuals will consider wheel replacement in such a circumstance, but wheel replacement is costly.
Contact Smart Repair if your rims get bent or damaged. Our rim refurbishing experts will repair and recondition your rims to like-new condition. Our rim repair department is staffed by the best specialists and utilises the most up-to-date equipment. We use cutting-edge rim refurbishing processes to deliver one-of-a-kind rim repair services with a high-quality finish, guaranteeing that your rims look their best.

Why should you hire a professional?
It’s not only necessary to paint rapidly, but it’s also a laborious procedure. The wheels aren’t just flat, circular surfaces. They’re three-dimensional, which might make it difficult for someone with less skill to cover the full wheel. One of the most common issues with alloy wheel refurbishing is paint running, which occurs when the paint is put too thickly in some areas.

As you can see, this will need a certain amount of expertise to ensure that the wheels are smooth and free of drips and runs. Infrared lights are frequently used by painters to speed up the drying of the base coat. A clear coat of lacquer is sprayed to the wheel after the paint has been applied to assist keep the paint looking fantastic. This is the last phase in the alloy wheel restoration process.

Our qualified specialists are on hand to advise you on the finest alloy refurbishing procedures available. For further information, send an email or bring your vehicle to the Smart Repairs in Bishops Stortford, or Smart Refurbs in Harlow, Saffron Walden, or Smart Repairs in Stansted.