What custom colour should you choose for your alloy wheel?

What colour should my alloy wheels be?’ is a question we are frequently asked. This is frequently due to individuals seeing car manufacturers introduce models with certain alloy colours, particularly for higher-end vehicles, and assuming there is a right and wrong way to decorate their vehicle.

Fortunately, there is no right or wrong response to the preceding question, your alloys may be whatever colour you choose! We believe that your car’s wheels should suit both the rest of the vehicle and your own style, but there are no hard and fast laws.

Although silver alloys are the most common on the road, there are a plethora of other colours and designs to select from.
For example, discerning vehicle buyers, particularly those with sportier models, are increasingly opting for black.

If you want to be very creative, black is a fantastic basis for two-tone diamond cut colours. Consider a bold colour if your personality is more showy. There’s the whole spectrum to choose from, with metallic sheens like gold and bright sporty colours like orange able to completely transform the look of your car.

Custom effects like marbling, which may create a very eye-catching outcome, can help you expand on the nearly unlimited spectrum of colours available.
Of course, there are silver painted finishes, which range from ultra-bright metallics to flat strong greys like gunmetal. Many drivers are turning to anthracite, a near-black colour with an unique shine, to refresh their style.

Well, it does not have to be a black alloy wheel colour change you fancy, it could be one of hundreds, in fact thousands of colours we can repaint your alloy wheels.
Because we mix all the colours with our paint mixing scheme here at the Smart Repair in Bishops Stortford, Smart Repair in Harlow, Smart Repair in Stansted or Smart Repair in Saffron Walden. We can match pretty much any car body colour, wheel colour or create a custom colour just for you!