Why get your alloy wheels refurbed at Smart Refurbs

Rim is the outer part of the wheel that holds the tire. Rim damage occurs when driving with flat tires, collision, bump on the roads etc. In such a situation, most people will think about wheel replacement, but wheel replacement is expensive.

If your rims get bent or damaged, contact Smart Refurbs. Our rim refurbishment specialists restore and recondition your rims back to new. Our rim repairing department is equipped with most talented professionals and latest technology. We adopt advanced rim refurbishment techniques that provide unique rim repair services with superior quality finish, ensuring your rims are looking their best.

The process of alloy wheel refurbishment
Alloy wheel refurbishment is best done by a professional. When the professional refurbishes your alloy wheels, the tyres will be taken off the wheels. Stripping the wheel of the existing finish must be done prior to any work. This allows for the ultimate adhesion of the new finish. This also allows all the damages to be assessed for repair. A chemical approved for stripping alloy wheels is used so there is no worry about damage to the wheels.

Why use a professional?
In addition to needing to paint rather quickly, the process is also painstaking. The wheels are not simple round, flat surfaces. They are three dimensional and this can create a problem for someone more inexperienced when it comes to covering the entire wheel. One of the major problems in alloy wheel refurbishment is the paint running because it was applied too thickly in spots.

As you can see, this will take a certain skill level to ensure the wheels will end up being smooth and containing no drips or runs. Often painters will use infra-red lamps to help dry the base coat. Once the paint has been applied, a clear coat of lacquer is put on the wheel to help keep the paint looking great. This is the final step in alloy wheel refurbishment.

Our trained technicians are on hand to be able to advise on the best refurbishment techniques available for your alloys. You can email or get your vehicle to the car garage in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden for more assistance.