Wouldn’t it be great if all the roads were as smooth as the roads in vehicle advertisements? Well not all road conditions are the same, as you can come across unpaved, rough, and bumpy roads full of potholes. Sometimes, you accidentally hit a curb when making a turn which means your rims take a beating. Sadly, it happens all the time. Even though they are made of metal, they are not unbreakable. Rims are vulnerable to various unavoidable road hazards.

Types of Rim Repairs

  • Bent Wheel Repair

Many vehicle owners will leave damaged wheels on their vehicle because they feel that it is “good enough” or that repairs are too costly to justify. The truth is that even a minor damaged wheel will cost you more money over the long run, and worse, can lead to dangerous driving conditions.

Uncorrected vibrations caused by out of round or bent wheels, will cause uneven tire wear, extra heat, and pressure, which will require costly premature tire replacement. Worse, this can cause a tire blow out during high-speed driving. Beyond tire damage, these vibrations can also cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle. This untrue rotational mass can also be a safety hazard due to the contact patch changing dimension and location with every revolution of the wheel.

  • Cracked Wheel Repair

Some wheels may just have damage to the face or lip from scraping a curb. While this damage may seem cosmetic only, what has happened is that the protective layer of paint has been removed in that area, exposing the raw aluminium to the elements. This will eventually lead to oxidation, and corrosion of the base material.

Cracked wheels present the most dangerous situation to you as a driver. Cracks are virtually always the result of a significant wheel impact, and thus are almost always accompanied by a bent wheel as well, which will cause all the damage listed above. Additionally, the Crack itself will not only leak air, but can continue to spread eventually leading to a catastrophic failure of the wheel.

A Look at the Common Causes of Rim Damage

  • Potholes

If you want to protect your rims, avoid potholes like the plague. Even minor depressions in the roadway can cause significant rim damage, even at low speeds. Hitting a pothole at the right angle and with the right amount of force can bend and twist a rim, which can consequently affect your vehicle’s handling and performance.

  • Brake Dust

Each time you press the brakes on your car, fine amounts of brake dust coat the wheels. Over time, this fine black dust will burn into the rim’s surface, resulting in pitted, dark-coloured wheels. Fortunately, you can have your wheels refinished, which is significantly cheaper than buying a brand-new set of rims.

  • Curb Damage

Have you ever taken a turn too sharply and bumped the curb? If so, one or more of your rims may already have damage. Parking alongside tall curbs can also be dangerous for your wheels since the cement of the curb will grind the paint and finish while putting gouges in the metal. If you see any noticeable scratches or cracks, visit Smart Refurbs before you decide to purchase new rims outright.

  • Buckle and bends!

Happens to both the inner and outer lip of the wheel resulting in air pressure loss, uneven tyre wear, vibrations while driving and alignment issues. In most cases, bent wheels can be safely straightened.

Repairs are carried out by professionals using state of the art technology and equipment. Each repair is carefully inspected before and after the straightening process to ensure the wheel is safe for performance.

Tips on Preventing Rim Damage

  • Unexplained vibration

If you feel a sudden, inexplicable vibration while driving, this could indicate a bent wheel. If the vibration comes from the steering wheel, the front wheels could be bent; or if a vibration is felt in the seat, it could be emanating from bent rear wheels.

  • Shaky steering

If your steering feels shaky or unresponsive, this is a definite red flag. Take corners and bends as smoothly as possible until you can get a proper diagnosis, as tight cornering on a bent wheel could easily lead to tyre blowout.

  • Punctured tyre

A bent alloy wheel will lead to a puncture if it is not treated. As the tyre sits flush against the wheel, even a slight bend in the wheel will slowly leak air your tyre until it is rightly punctured.

  • ​Cleaning

Use gentle soap when washing your wheels and rims. If you have extra stubborn dirt stuck on your rims it might be tempting to use a ball of steel wool. However, it can leave serious scratches and damage, hence, opt for a soft-bristled brush.

  • Driving on bent rims

Avoid driving on bent and damaged rims as this will only worsen the problem. If you are looking for quality rim repair services in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden, you can always contact us at Smart Repairs.

  • Tire Pressure

Although it is not directly related to rim care, it is still important to check tire pressure, as driving with tires that are too low can impact the rims by the weight of the car and cause significant damage.

  • Rim repair or replacement?

We understand that sometimes it can be confusing to understand if you need rim repair or replacement. Fortunately, you have options to choose whether you want to put down some money for a new set of rims or get a quality repair done to make your rims look brand new again. Do not worry, Smart Refurbs is here to help you decide on the right option based on the following factors.

How to detect when it is time to visit Smart Refurbs?

  • Poor braking

When you try to brake and your car pulls towards the side, it can be a symptom of a damaged car rim, especially after hitting a pothole at a high speed. This can be most noticeable when you try to halt your car abruptly.

  • Tire Pressure

Constant loss of tire pressure can be one of the signs that your bent rim has damaged the wall of the tire. If the damage on the rim wheel is extensive then you may even see a completely flat tire. The reason behind bent rims affecting tire pressure is because rims help seal the air between the wheel and the tire. Therefore, when the rims are bent, that seal is broken.

  • Vibrations

Quite often when the front tire rims are bent, they show signs in the steering wheel by making the car shaky and causing vibration. Although various other causes can lead to a vibrating car, if you notice this sign especially at high speeds, it is best to check if your rims are the problem.

  • Visible Damage

It is the most obvious of all, as you can see such damages on your rims as discoloration, scuffs, bends, changes in wheel alignment, etc. Remember that it is never to your advantage to hold off on getting your damaged rims repaired. In cases of emergency, the contact number of Smart Repairs should be on your speed dial.

If your rims have not seen better days, the rim refurbs experts at Smart Refurbs can help. You can expect the best work and the fairest prices, guaranteed. Do not be embarrassed about your bent or scratched rims, and do not shell out hundreds of pounds or more for new rims; visit Smart Refurbs Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden, Stansted instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today and let us start the rim surgery!