Dents are unavoidable. No matter how good a driver you are, car dents is inevitable. From minor scratches to a dented side door, most of the car drivers have dealt with it all.

The question is when and how fast should you deal with the problem? And the answer is immediately. Many owners ignore car dents and scratches on their car if it is not major and does not spoil the look of the car. But this is a big mistake on your part because even the smallest of dent can cause a big problem later and burn a hole in your pocket.

It is better to get your car repaired after a dent however minor or major it seems to be and here is why.

  • Prevents rust formation.

Dents can cause corrosion, especially when the car’s paint gets damaged. Water and moisture will easily penetrate your ride’s exterior, causing the metal frame to oxidize. When this occurs, rust will start to accumulate on your vehicle’s surface. This not only affects your vehicle’s performance but could also lead to costly repairs. If the dent is bad enough that the paint and clear coat have totally cracked through, the car is suddenly far more exposed to the elements than it was before. If you do not fix the dent and get the area repainted, your car will soon start rusting. Therefore, it is important to deal with dents before any major issues arise.

  • Long-term damage to the paint.

If not the paint itself, the sealant or clear coat on your paint can come off in case of minor dents. This affects the look of your car and gives an overall dull look. But it can also lead to more body and paint problems later. Without sealant, the paint can easily begin to erode and expose the metal underneath to further damage and deterioration. You need to get the area of your car clear coated again immediately to prevent bigger problems.

  • Maintains high resale value.

If you are planning to put your vehicle up for sale in the future, it is crucial to always be on top of needed repairs and maintenance. This will ensure that your vehicle will remain good as new despite sustaining dents or any other damage. In addition, when you market your car online, you can get more bids with a dent-free ride.

  • Cheaper to fix.

Fixing car dents right away will invariably cost less than if you wait. It does not take long for rust spots to appear or paint to start flaking away. If you live in areas with a lot of salt in the air (along the coast) or severe weather, the damage will spread even faster.

  • Ensures your safety.

What seems like a minor dent can equate to something more serious. For instance, a dent in your bumper can weaken its structural integrity. This needs to be addressed as this component protects passengers from collisions. Ensure that your auto is safe for use by having dents addressed immediately when you get a car accident repair in Smart Refurbs.


  • Pride of Ownership

Pride of ownership is one final reason to fix car bumper dents right away. If you care about your car’s appearance, take good care of it with regular washing and waxing, it does not make sense to leave a dent unrepaired.



Some vehicle owners delay dent repairs to reduce costs. However, this can do you more harm than good as it compromises your safety. Prevent this from happening by bringing it to an expert right away.

You can find many websites that offer do-it-yourself methods for how to a fix bumper dent. But a poorly repaired bumper does not look good and can lead to ongoing problems.

If you are looking to have your car’s dent fixed, Smart Repairs at Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden, Stansted is at your service. To help you get started, we give free estimates. Contact us today to learn more.