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Oct 17


Engine misfire happens when one or more of your car’s cylinders fail to deliver power, with the potential for unburned gasoline to enter the catalytic converter. To avoid costly repairs and a potential automobile fire, you should consider engine misfire to be a serious situation and have it fixed right away. Damage will increase the longer you ignore it.

Engine misfire can occur for three distinct reasons, each of which varies in severity and expense, they consist of:

A malfunction with the ignition- Fortunately, the least expensive and maybe most often cause of engine misfire is ignition system malfunction. This type of engine misfire can be brought on by malfunctioning spark plugs, ignition wires, and coils among other things.

An issue with the fuel system -This kind of repair costs a little bit extra because the parts are more expensive, and the repairs and diagnostics take longer. A problem connected to a flawed fuel system is one that involves faulty fuel injectors.

An internal engine problem- A damaged cylinder head, worn pistons and rings, a loose or worn timing belt, and other components are examples of internal engine flaws. Your worst-case scenario is that the internal engine malfunctions. The repairs are frequently quite labour-intensive, and the components are expensive.

Other than the fact that your check engine light is on, you might not notice an occasional engine misfire. It is difficult to notice a misfire, though, if it occurs frequently. The engine will use more gas than usual, have less power, and run rough if there are frequent misfires. Sometimes it could feel like a vibration or make your HC emissions worse.

Misfires that happen seldom could go missed, but frequent misfire is difficult to ignore. The engine will run poorly, be underpowered, and consume more gas than normal. A misfire might occasionally feel like a vibration. Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions may rise as a result of a misfire.

If the check engine light is on, your car will fail emissions tests regardless of the cause. Bring your car to Smart Mechanics Car Service in Bishop Stortford and Essex so we can diagnose and repair the issue. Keep in mind that we are an emissions testing and repair business. 

If your car recently failed an emissions test, we could identify the problem, fix it, and retest it to pass the emissions test and give you your emissions certificate. Count on the professionals at Smart Mechanics. Contact us right away or make an appointment online. Even if it seems like your car is driving “just fine,” you should never overlook an engine misfire. This might result in further damage and more costly repairs.

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