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Aug 01

Why Is My Car Pulling to One Side?

Do not become alarmed if your automobile pulls to one side while you are driving. However, you ought to get your car examined by a mechanic as soon as you can. There are many possible causes for this, and sometimes the underlying issue doesn’t seem to be related to the symptoms.

Uneven Tire Air Pressure

Frequently, a straightforward item is to blame. Uneven tyre pressure might cause your automobile to pull to one side. When the front left tire’s pressure is too low or high, the tire’s height varies, which throws the alignment out of order. Underinflated tyres are those with wear on the edges. Tires that have wear down the middle of the tyre are inflated too high. 

The answer is frequently as simple as pumping air to the right pressure for your particular car type. Low tyre pressure, nevertheless, can also indicate that the tyre has a hole or rip in it. It is obviously a symptom of a greater issue if you continue to have deflation troubles or if your automobile continues to pull.

Incorrect Wheel Alignment

The most frequent cause of your automobile pulling to one side is an issue with the wheel alignment. Your steering wheel and the entire front of the automobile will pull to the left or right if your wheel and axles are not lined up properly. If this is the issue, an auto repair can quickly realign your wheel, and you will be ready to go. Uneven tread wear, however, is a more significant sign of misaligned wheels. Your tyres may become dangerous as a result of the rapid and uneven tread deterioration.

You Face Brake Problems

Does your automobile only move when you press the brake pedal? After that, a mechanic will first check there. You have to deal with at least one of the following:

  • Stuck callipers
  • Collapsed brake hose
  • Slide pin problems

A bad wheel bearing

The warning signals of worn-out wheel bearings are obvious. The automobile typically displays additional indications before it begins to pull. Typically, your steering wheel may shake at first and you will hear grinding noises coming from the tyre area. Finally, it is probable that the automobile will veer to the left or right. Contact your Smart Mechanic right once if the wheel bearing is damaged. It is dangerous to operate your car in this situation.

Worn Out Suspension or Steering Parts

If the problem is not with your tyres, it can be with your steering or suspension parts. Your automobile can start to pull to one side if any of these is worn out. You may keep current by doing annual checks to ensure sure nothing is worn. Do not wait to turn around if one of these five indicators appears on your car while you are driving.

Your automobile should be in excellent condition. Visit Smart Mechanics Car Mechanics in Bishop Stortford if you find yourself going left or right. You will be back on the road in a vehicle that will travel in the direction you choose once we identify and remedy the issue.

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