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Dec 27

5 Causes of Heated Air Not Blowing from Your Car’s AC

Having a terrible day is awful but driving a car with a broken air conditioning system is worse. Like anyone having a terrible day, car owners with broken air conditioning are often annoyed and uncomfortable. Perhaps you are experiencing a problem where the air conditioner in your car is not blowing cold air, and you are not sure why. The cabin air filter in cars is frequently thought to be blocked. It is possible that something else is at blame. Could there be further causes?

How Do AC Units Operate?

The method that air conditioners operate concentrates on absorbing the heat in a space and expelling cool air in its place.

To understand why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air, you must first grasp how they work. To remove the heat from a space, every air conditioner circulates a liquid refrigerant across the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils might get colder thanks to this procedure. Following that, the fan of the air conditioner blows across the cold coils to distribute chilly air into the automobile via the air duct.

 The condenser lets out previously collected hot air into the outside air when this is happening. In order to keep the hot air dispersing outside, the fan blows over this. Last but not least, the air conditioner features a thermostat to control the quantity of cold air in the room and a cabin air filter to assist remove particulates from the air.

1.Cabin air filter that is dirty or clogged

Any car’s cooling system must have a cabin air filter. It aids in ensuring that the cold air released is devoid of any debris that can make driving uncomfortable. Since dangerous air particles can impact allergy sufferers, especially when the windows are closed, this is particularly important for them.

Cold air has a hard time getting through the air ducts when a cabin air filter is unclean or obstructed. This debris restricts and blocks the free passage of cold air.

You have heated air rather than cold air because of this. You will require changing your cabin air filter in such circumstances.

2. Problems Using the Condenser or Evaporator Coils

Cabin air filters aid in keeping the condenser and evaporator coils of your air conditioner in excellent condition. Even with a new cabin air filter, deterioration in these components is inevitable. This is because your condenser and evaporator coils are occasionally exposed to moisture. The evaporator coils are susceptible to mildew and mould issues because of the moisture.

3. Leaks in Air Ducts

Machine parts typically become worn out after being used consistently for a long time. The same holds true for air ducts. Air ducts may begin to leak, lose insulation, or become loose with time. This prevents the cold air from blowing into your automobile and instead allows it to exit outdoors. In such circumstances, all you get is the heated air that the evaporator coils and refrigerant have accumulated.

5. Issues with Thermostats

In other instances, the issue could be as straightforward as your car’s thermostat not being properly set. The temperature of the air that is emitted via your car’s cabin vents depends on your thermostat. 

Check the temperature settings on your car’s dashboard if the air flowing from your vents is warmer than you would like. It is possible that the controls are already set to heat. Then you must reset it to cool or auto. If this problem continues, there could be a problem with the thermostat itself. Your thermostat could overheat or develop sludge after extensive use. If this occurs, you might need to replace it.

5. Leaks of Refrigerant

Your car’s air conditioner may not be able to pump cold air if there are refrigerant leaks. To function, each air conditioner must have a specific volume of refrigerant stored. Depending on how frequently you use your air conditioning system, this typically lasts ten to fifteen years. However, when there are leaks, the refrigerant might run out more quickly. Your evaporator coils’ perforations or cracks are typically the cause of refrigerant leakage. When this happens, an air conditioner is unable to create cold air; instead, heated air is produced.

Checking your cabin air filter is an excellent first step if you are experiencing air conditioner problems. Your car’s air conditioner problems could be resolved by changing the cabin air filter, leaving you with cool, clean air inside. For prompt service, contact Smart Mechanics’ Mobile Mechanic in Bishops Stortford for quick assistance.

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