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Jan 03

What Services Are Necessary for A Hybrid Vehicle’s Upkeep?

Gasoline for the internal combustion engine and a battery pack for the electric motors are the two energy sources used by hybrid electric cars. As a result, its maintenance schedule and service intervals are different from those of a typical gasoline-powered car.

The places that require attention and maintenance on a hybrid vehicle are outlined here to assist you understand what needs to be serviced.

Motor Oil:

Despite using an internal combustion engine, hybrid cars also include electric motors. The engine is not utilised to its maximum potential as a result. The engine oil lasts longer as a result. On a hybrid car, the time between oil changes may be increased. For suggested service intervals, please consult the Car Mechanics in Bishop Stortford.

Hybrid Battery: The next element that requires routine maintenance is the hybrid battery. A hybrid battery will typically last 80,000 to 100,000 miles. Depending on how the recharging process is handled, these mileage values may be reached or exceeded. It is advised to only charge a hybrid battery as much as necessary. The easiest method to maximise your hybrid battery’s performance is to adhere to the charging instructions provided in the owner’s handbook for your car. Keep in mind that improving performance and battery life requires effective power management.

Battery filter: To regulate battery temperature, some hybrid cars use an air-cooled battery pack. In such systems, the air is filtered before it is blasted over the batteries. Over time, this filter may get clogged, which might burden the cooling system. To determine when to change the battery filter, it is advisable to consult the owner’s handbook.

Interior Air Filter: A cabin air filter change is necessary for all vehicles, hybrid, or traditional internal combustion. What does a cabin air filter do, you ask? Well, it stops impurities like dust, dander, odour, toxic gases, and other things from getting inside the car. The cabin filter filters the air that is blown into the cabin by the HVAC system. The cabin air filter clogs with time, thus it has to be updated before the HVAC system of the hybrid car becomes overworked. For information on how often to replace your cabin air filter, consult the Car Mechanics in Bishop Stortford.

Brakes: Regenerative braking is a feature of hybrid cars that helps them slow down while also recharging the battery. This technology slows the car down, which reduces the workload placed on traditional brakes (such as brake shoes and pads) and increases their lifespan. Conventional brakes, however, will ultimately become worn out. When you take your car in for maintenance, it is crucial to have your brakes checked, and you should also adhere to any recommended maintenance plan listed in the owner’s handbook.

Hybrid system parts and circuits do not need routine maintenance, but it is wise to check your owner’s handbook to see if there is anything particular in your automobile that needs checking out or attention. When their specific service or replacement periods are reached, hybrid cars additionally need tyre rotation, tyre balance, alignment, engine air filter replacement, brake fluid exchange, coolant checks, and other inspections.

 Always consult your hybrid vehicle’s owner’s handbook for servicing needs to guarantee performance optimization and regular maintenance. For prompt help and direction, contact Smart Mechanics’ Car Mechanics in Bishops Stortford, Stansted, Essex, or Hertfordshire.

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