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Jan 09


When the check engine light turns on, it’s critical to figure out what’s wrong right away. You don’t want to put things off since it might make the condition worse.

This is when Smart Mobile Mechanics and our world-class diagnostics equipment come into play. We are a service provider with a team of trustworthy specialists that have years of expertise resolving similar situations.

Here’s more on what the check engine light might mean and why it’s critical to fix the problem right away.

Gas Cap

This is one of the most prevalent reasons for the check engine light to come on. This happens when the gas cap has come undone or is not shutting properly. The car will issue a warning, informing you that you must secure the gas cap before driving again. It’s the first place you should look to determine whether that’s the source of the issue.

Combustion of the Engine

This is a problem that will be centred on the engine’s operation. The check engine light may illuminate if it is not operating as, it should. This might include defective connections that are causing problems with the engine’s performance when the car is running.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is important when it comes to splitting unsafe gasses from safe ones. If this does not occur, it can harm the vehicle and lead to significant damages. It is also a health risk if you are not as careful about taking care of the problem at hand. This is why having a professional look at it is crucial.

Spark Plugs 

It’s conceivable that the problem is with the spark plugs. The check engine light may illuminate if one of the spark plugs burns out. This might be a sign that additional spark plugs are about to fail.

Mixture of Air and Fuel

For the vehicle to run safely, the air/fuel combination must be correct. It can lead to a situation where things break down if there are discrepancies or the components don’t perform properly.

The specialists at Smart Mechanics in Bishop Stortford, Stansted, and Essex appreciate the necessity of addressing a problem with your car as soon as possible. This is a crew that is dedicated to the work at hand, with years of knowledge and a willingness to help car owners.

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