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Nov 20

Why Is Water Leaking into My Car?

You don’t have to fear the worst if you’ve been wondering why your automobile is leaking water. There are several typical reasons for automobiles leaving water tracks beneath them after they’ve parked, and the majority of the time, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

During normal operation, the air conditioning system in most automobiles creates a large quantity of condensation, which drains out near the back of the engine compartment. 

Water pools at your vehicle’s tailpipe are also frequent, although this is nearly often exhaust condensation, which is typical. Indeed, the biggest concern when you find a leak is that the fluid isn’t water at all! Smart Mechanics’ professionals are ready to assist you in quickly resolving your issues.

Have you seen water pouring from beneath your automobile, or do you suspect another fluid is involved? Once you’ve ruled out the aforementioned frequent reasons, there are a few easy actions you may take to diagnose the problem at home:

It might be difficult to distinguish fluids against a concrete background. To get a better view, place a sheet of white paper or cardboard under the leak.

If the fluid has no colour, it’s probably simply water, and you shouldn’t be concerned. If the colour of the cardboard seems to be blue, green, yellow, or another hue, you should be concerned.

Condensation is most likely the source of a little amount of water flowing from your exhaust. However, if there’s a lot of water and a lot of white smoke, you could have blown a gasket. Coolant is consumed with your gasoline as a result of a burst gasket.

It’s most likely coolant if your leaking fluid has a peculiar hue. We can assist you identify fluids based on their colour, but you can also double-check your fluid levels. Low fluids can cause long-term harm, so come to a service centre as soon as possible.

A leak might also be caused by a damaged windshield wiper fluid reservoir. If water gets into your windshield wiper fluid and then freezes, the reservoir can split, allowing the fluid to seep out into the ground. The fluid will be bright blue or light green in these circumstances, and it will pool around your front tyres.

If the leak under your car is caused by something other than condensation, you’ll be best served by visiting one of Smart Mechanics’ Stansted or Bishop Stortford locations.

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