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Jun 18

Common Non-Engine Faults that Mechanics Should Fix

It’s easy to assume that mechanics only work on car engines. Since most of the work in servicing and maintenance is dedicated to work on the and engine and related systems, we naturally assume that these are the main things to worry about when it comes to our car.

While it’s true that mobile mechanics are most often called to fix emergency engine-related issues, good mechanics will remind you that there are many more potential faults and problems that can occur. To fix these problems, you’ll need a professional and skilled team to take a look at them. The experienced Bishops Stortford team here at Smart Mechanics has put together a list of further common non-engine issues that occur in your car:

1. Your car’s audio system

Depending on what year your car was made, the nature of the audio system is likely to differ. Common problems with your car’s stereo can include things like:

  • A failure to activate completely – possibly caused by wiring problems
  • Cutting out mid-song – a power connector might be faulty
  • Goes off or dips in quality when cornering or going over a bumpy surface – possibly caused by a loose connector

Bad connections in your car’s audio system can also affect its special features like bass boosting. There may also be seemingly inexplicable high-pitched noises or popping sounds. All of these problems can be fixed, of course, by those in the know.

2. Your car’s airbags

This is more than a cosmetic defect. Problematic airbags create a direct hazard to both your and your passengers. Problems could lie with faulty crash sensors, damaged multi-plugs from moving the seat back and forward, or a broken ignitor. 

Airbags not working as they should, and when they should, is a time to call a mobile mechanic and get help. Not all mechanics can handle airbags, but well-trained specialists like those at Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford are ready to help you with airbag faults.

3. Your car’s dashboard

Have you noticed any lights on your dashboard flickering, or going completely dark? Most problems in the dashboard, from the displays to the backlighting, are caused by issues with your car’s battery or fuses. 

Simple as these problems are to many mechanics, it’s not advisable for you to try to fix these issues by yourself. You might cause more damage than you think, and even worse you might hurt yourself messing with the car’s electrics. Leave this one to the professionals in Bishops Stortford.

4. Your car’s windscreen wipers

There’s nothing more irritating than your visibility being impaired by wipers not working properly. Wipers with torn or nicked blades can leave smears on the windscreen, which can evolve from an annoyance to a serious safety issue pretty quickly.

The humble windscreen wiper is a more intricate device than you think. Some problems are caused, for example, not by the wiper being in bad shape, but by faulty controls or a loose pivot nut that means the wiper has lost its connection to its transmission. Control problems are especially serious because those same systems connect to your indicators and lights. Definitely time to call in the mobile mechanics when these go wrong.

All this and more at Smart Mechanics

Drivers in the Bishops Stortford area who have experienced any of these problems and more should give us a call to get help from our highly experienced team of mechanics. We’re ready to help, whatever the problem is. Learn more by calling us today.

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