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Aug 27

Driving with Misfiring Spark Plugs is really dangerous, here’s why!

The combustion takes place in the cylinder of the engine. The vehicle is propelled by cylinder combustion. Cast iron or aluminium are common materials for engine blocks. An engine can have as little as two cylinders or as many as 12 cylinders, depending on the vehicle.
A cylinder that isn’t firing properly might result in a power reduction that is proportionate. A four-cylinder engine, for example, will lose 25% of its power if one-cylinder misfires. If you think you have a misfiring cylinder, here are some indications and symptoms to look out for:
Power loss and strange sensations are two of the most common indicators that your cylinder is misfiring. Because the cylinder is what drives the engine, you’ll notice a decrease in fuel efficiency as the other functional cylinders try to compensate for the loss of power.
Another indicator of a misfire is if your car rattles while it is idle. When these things happen together, it’s a definite indicator your cylinder is misfiring and needs to be checked out by a mechanic right away.
A lack of spark is another reason for a cylinder misfiring. This might be anything that prevents the coil voltage from hopping across the gap at the spark plug’s end. A misfiring cylinder can be caused by a loss of spark caused by damaged, worn, or defective spark plugs, or a weak ignition coil.
A misfire might also occur when there is insufficient gasoline in the air/fuel combination. The low pressure will impact all of the cylinders, rather than just one, if the fuel injector is blocked, filthy, or has an air leak.
Intermittent misfires occur when cylinders do not misfire all of the time. When it’s chilly outside or the vehicle is carrying a high load, the misfire might happen. Sometimes it appears as though the cylinder misfires at random, with no discernible pattern. Because these are difficult to diagnose, a skilled technician should inspect the car.
It’s possibly unsafe to drive with a misfiring cylinder. If you lose power while driving or a second or third cylinder fails, you may be involved in a car accident, which might result in injury to you and others.

Visit your nearest car mechanics in Bishop Stortford or car mechanics in Stansted as soon as possible if you suspect a misfiring cylinder or contact Smart Mechanics for a breakdown recovery assistance. We provide recovery services across the Bishop’s Stortford and Stansted.

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