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Aug 23

What may cause a battery to drain?

A dead car battery can be annoying, but it is also preventable. you must first understand what causes a dead battery in order to prevent one. so put those jumper cables away and have a look at these seven reasons why your car batteries keep dying.

1. You left your headlights on 

If your car battery continues to deplete, the first thing to look for is a problem with your lights. headlights on many contemporary cars are programmed to switch off after a specific length of time. However, if your vehicle lacks this function, your headlights may remain on until you switch them off or your vehicle’s battery is entirely depleted.

2. Something is causing a “parasitic draw.” 

Even when your automobile is turned off, your battery keeps the clock, radio, and alarm system running. these factors shouldn’t have a significant influence on your battery’s performance. things like interior lighting, door lights, and even faulty fuses may deplete a car battery while it’s turned off. the alternator recharges the battery while your engine is running, which is why you usually don’t have to worry about the battery dying on your way to work while playing the radio!

When the motor is turned off, however, the alternator is unable to replenish the battery, allowing minor electrical malfunctions to completely deplete your battery. A parasitic drain is the battery strain produced by these electrical mishaps. turning off all lights and ensuring sure your trunk, glove box, and doors are properly locked and secured before leaving the car will assist you avoid parasitic draws.

3. The positive and negative terminals attached to your battery are loose or corroded over time the positive and negative terminals connected to your battery might jiggle loose. corrosion of these terminals is also a possibility. if your connections become loose or corroded, you may have difficulty starting your car since your battery is unable to deliver its power efficiently! you could even stall out or damage the vehicle’s electronic components while driving. cleaning your car’s battery terminals on a regular basis will help avoid corrosion-related issues.

4. the outside temperature is extremely hot or cold 

Freezing winter temperatures and scorching summer days can also cause difficulties for your vehicle’s battery. newer batteries are more resistant to severe seasonal temperatures than older ones. if your battery is older, however, extreme cold or heat might degrade its performance or even kill it! 

5. Battery doesn’t charge while driving

When you start your automobile, it is powered by your battery. your battery, on the other hand, relies on the alternator to keep it charged when your car is operating. If your alternator isn’t operating properly, it won’t be able to efficiently power your battery, making it difficult to start your car even if you were just driving!

if your car won’t start after driving, it’s possible that the problem is with your alternator. bring your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in stansted for a diagnostics check to determine the source of the problem.

6. Too many short drives are taken by you.

The alternator, as previously discussed, recharges your battery while the engine is running, thus revving the engine uses a lot of electricity from your battery. However, if you do short journeys regularly, the alternator may not have enough time to fully recharge your battery. particularly if your battery is older. Short journeys might reduce the life of your car battery in the long term.

7. The battery in your automobile is old.

Nothing lasts indefinitely, including the battery in your car. your vehicle’s battery can last up to five years in some circumstances, but this is dependent on where you live and how you drive.

Extreme temperatures, numerous short journeys, and regular use can cut your battery’s life in half to three years. it may be time for a new car battery if yours dies rapidly, even after a jumpstart. get your vehicle battery tested at the nearest Smart mechanics in Stansted or Smart Mechanics in Bishop’s Stortford before it’s too late. Contact our 24/7 Smart Recovery Services, our experienced team at Smart Mechanics and we will respond immediately.

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