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Oct 31


Apart from your driving style, your tyres have the greatest influence on your safety while on the road. And, sure, just like wine, tyres age. They don’t get any better, though, unlike wine. It’s time to change your tyres after 10 years, much like you’re twisting the cap off that Merlot you’ve been cellaring with tenacity. Of course, no one knows when their current set of tyres were installed. Fortunately, tyre manufacturers have taken into account the limitations of human memory.

The  date of manufacturing is stamped on the sidewall of a tyre. The week and year of manufacture are indicated by four numbers. The number 3218, for example, denotes that the tyre was manufactured in the 32nd week of 2018.

Why is it important for me to know how old my tyres are?

There are a few things we always consider when considering the integrity of a tyre:

• Wear on the treads

• Pressure

• Rotation

Another issue to consider is age, which isn’t considered nearly as often as it should be. This is likely due to the fact that wear and tear normally determines the end of a tyre much before age does. Regardless, after a tyre reaches the age of five years, it’s a good idea to get it examined by a professional once a year. It’s time to replace it when it becomes 10 years old, regardless of its condition.

No matter how little tarmac your tyres roll over, the rubber in them ages. The connections between the rubber and other materials deteriorate with time, and fractures can form beneath the surface, hidden from view. Just because a tyre appears to be in good shape on the outside doesn’t imply the structure hasn’t degraded.

Let the professionals inspect your tyres!

When your tyres reach the five-year mark, you should get them inspected by a tyre specialist once a year. If you’re not sure how old your tyres are or if they appear to be worn, come in to Car Service Stansted or Car Service Bishops Stortford and let us check them out. Your tyres, as we usually say, are the only thing keeping your automobile attached to the road, so maintain them with care.

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