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Jan 03

Importance of Replacing Oil Filter

A vehicle is made up of multiple components that work simultaneously alongside each other to function smoothly on the road. One such component that helps all the automotive parts to operate together is engine oil. Additionally, engines are also made up of a wide array of moving parts, and they need to be properly lubricated to avoid damage which is why oil is an essential element that provides a vital function to the engine.

What is an Oil Filter?

With time, that oil breaks down and gets contaminated with dust and debris from the engine as well as the environment. What the  oil filter essentially does is remove these dirt and contaminants from your vehicle’s engine by capturing them as the oil passes through thereby ensuring your engine stays clean and healthy for a long period of time. 

What are the symptoms of a clogged & contaminated filter?

  • Premature Engine Wear & Tear
  • Engine Light Will Flash On
  • Engine Will Be Louder Than Usual
  • Loss Of Oil Pressure

The oil filter is a very vital component of your engine system’s operation. Hence, it’s wise to replace oil filters with every oil change; in a vehicle repair shop near you. Additionally, if you are used to driving in severe conditions and in heavy traffic, you may need to replace the oil filter more often. Get in touch with experts at Smart Mechanics who will carry out thorough internal and external diagnostics and take necessary steps in providing the best automotive service.

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