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Feb 21

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Oil Filter

Car filters are highly imperative because it helps your vehicle run smoothly at all times. The oil filter has the most important job of filtering the oil that lubricates the various parts of your engine. As oil circulates through the engine, it picks up dirt particles and debris along the way. When one of your filters gets heavily clogged, it can in turn lead to various problems and affect the overall performance of your car. Without the oil filter, harmful particles can get into your motor oil and damage the engine. 

Oil filters have a very crucial function and if your oil filter has poor quality, it can shorten the life of your engine and cause other parts to function poorly as well. The oil filter has one main purpose – to remove contaminants from your vehicle’s engine oil that can accumulate over a certain period of time as the oil essentially keeps your engine clean.  Cleaner oil means better engine performance. There are a few signs you can look out for when your engine oil filter is clogged, such as:

  1. Your Engine Starts to Overheat
  2. Low Oil Pressure
  3. Weak Performance
  4. Your Exhaust Fumes are Dirty
  5. Metallic Noises

As soon as you recognize any of these signs, get your car to car garage in Stansted. Checking your oil filter during routine car services is paramount to keeping your engine healthy and running at optimum level at all times. Don’t drive with a clogged filter. Get in touch with Smart Mechanics in Braintree for a complete vehicle inspection today!

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