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Jul 14

Main Reasons Your Car Isn’t Starting And How a Mobile Mechanic Can Help

One of the most depressing sounds you can hear in the morning is that of your car’s engine failing to come to life and roar into action. When it does happen, the main question running through your mind is undoubtedly “Why is this happening?” The answer is one or more of many possibilities, which is why sometimes the best person to resolve such an issue is a mobile mechanic like those at Smart Mechanics.

Here at our mobile mechanics Bishops Stortford service office, we get dozens of calls every month from panicked commuters and others as they struggle to start their cars. While every case can be a bit different, there are certainly several common causes of a car’s engine failing to start, which we’re going to share with you below.

These problems and more are ones that our skilled and experienced team here at Smart Mechanics know all about:

Problem 1: A Dead or Dying Battery

We’ve written before about the main signs of a dead or defective battery. Your engine can’t function unless this critical component is supplying enough power to ignite the fuel reaction. If the battery has lost its charge because you accidentally left the dome light or other electrical components on through the night, or for some other reason, then you can neither start the car nor use any of the key electrical components like headlights, radio and others.

If you feel up to trying a jump start, then that can indicate if the battery is the problem. A successful jump start would mean the battery was at fault. If you’re not sure, however, you can call on the help of a mobile mechanic like those at Smart Mechanics to check it out for you.

Problem 2: Contaminated or Dirty Fuel Filter

This is one of several filters that clean out contaminants and keep the moving parts of your engine running smoothly. If the fuel filter gets clogged up, then it means fuel isn’t reaching the engine in sufficient quantities and that will prevent a start. Guides on how often a fuel filter should be change depend on your car’s make and model, and will additionally depend on how often and how far you regularly drive your car. An experienced mobile mechanic may advise a switch every 9000-12000 miles, on average.

Problem 3: Problem with the Timing Belt

Your car’s timing belt makes sure that the valves in the engine open and close when they are supposed to so that valves and pistons don’t make contact. It may not be a component you’ve heard of or could identify by eye, but it’s absolutely among the most critical. If that timing belt is allowed to fail, the result can be such extensive damage to the engine that you have to replace the entire thing. This is why calling on a mobile mechanic when your car is not starting is a better idea than forcing the engine into a start that could damage it,

Problem 4: No petrol!

Your car needs petrol, that much should be obvious to everyone. You might laugh at this possibility, but you’ll be amazed at the number of people who just forget to fill up on their way home from work or picking the kids up. The result is an empty tank and a disappointing and difficult start to the morning commute or school run when the engine can’t start.

Should this happen to you, at the very least it’s something that you absolutely can fix yourself with a quick trip to the petrol station with a fuel can.

Problem 5: Bad or Faulty Starter

This problem is a fairly common cause of a failed start of your engine. The starter is connected to your car’s battery, and is the key part that sets all the others in motion; parts like the pistons, crankshaft etc. One sign that the starter is the problem is that you hear a loud clicking sound when you turn the key or push the start button. That click is components trying to work, but with no effect. It’s means your engine is not cranking properly, and without that you have nothing.

Problem 6: Broken Distributor Cap or Ignition Coil

The cap and the coil work together to move electrical power to the spark plugs. Starting in the coil, the distributor cap routes voltage to the spark plugs, but sometimes moisture can get into the cap, which is where the problem starts. If you know where to look, you can try wiping it dry and see if that helps. If you need assistance, then one of our Smart mobile mechanics can get right there to solve the problem in a flash. That cap also might need to be replaced.

Problem 7: A Defective Ignition Switch

This is another common problem-causing component. If your car uses a key-turn to start up, then turn the key as usual, but let go. Keep your eyes on the warning lights and see what happens. If there are warning lights that go out again once the key snaps back to its original position, then the ignition switch needs attention, probably from an experienced mobile mechanic like those at Smart Mechanics, Bishops Stortford.

Smart Mechanics: Mobile Mechanics Serving the Bishops Stortford Area

As we say, these problems and the myriad others that can stop engines from starting up properly are everyday fixes for us. Even better, thanks to our mobile mechanics service in the Bishops Stortford area, you’ll never have to worry about towing or pushing your car to a nearby garage. We’ll come to your doorstep and have you back on the road in no time at all. That’s our business. Give us a call anytime you need the help of one of our mechanics at home, the office, or out on the road.

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