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Jul 06

7 Signs That You Need a New Car Battery And How a Mobile Mechanic Will Help You

Your car’s battery is its beating electrical heart. It’s the catalyst that starts up all the electrical and mechanical processes in your car’s engine, and that means its needs extra care and attention. These truths make it even more devastating when you find that there’s a serious problem with the battery but you have no way to get the car to a mechanic.

The good news is that thanks to our mobile mechanics Bishops Stortford service, you won’t need to worry since we can bring car battery repair and car battery replacement services to you. There are many advantages to using a mobile mechanic service, but possibly the most important is the fact that you can get the essential repairs you need without even leaving your home or office. You can also call on their help if you find yourself broken down at the side of the road somewhere.

Mobile Mechanics Bishops Stortford Battery Replacement

You don’t have to be a trained mechanic to see the signs of car battery failure. There are several indications that you may need to call on a mobile mechanic like those at Smart Mechanics to come and help you out. Below are our top 7 signs that your battery is failing and needs either major repair or replacement:

Sign 1: You’re stepping on the accelerator to get started

First and foremost, you absolutely should not need to use the pedal even one bit to get the car to start up. You may have steadily established this habit thinking it’s a normal part of the car’s operation, but it absolutely is not. If you’re using the accelerator to get started, and it only seems to start when you do that, then seek the help of from our mobile mechanics in Bishops Stortford to help.

Sign 2: You hear a clicking when you turn the key

When your car’s battery can’t send the signal it usually sends to the starter solenoid (a key electrical component), it’s because it has become too weak to send it. It’s trying to send it, but what it’s outputting is of insufficient strength to kick the starter off properly. In the absence of enough power, the solenoid will just make a clicking noise instead, and that’s what you can hear.

Sign 3: The headlights are not shining as bright as they should

Another key function of your battery is getting enough power to components like the headlights so that they illuminate the way ahead. Have you noticed that they have started shining less brightly? Has there been any flickering, or do they generally just appear dimmer than before? This is a classic sign of a battery in decline.

You cannot afford to have your battery or lights fail while you’re on the road, and so if you have reason to believe the lights are glowing as bright as they should, call on a mobile mechanic to come and check the battery for you.

Sign 4: Your engine is cranking slowly

When you use your car every day, you become used to the sounds it makes. This is fortunate, because it means you can usually notice more quickly when something sounds amiss. One such out-of-place audio signals is the sound of the engine crank. When you’re starting up and you hear that the engine crank is slower, then this is a key red flag that your battery is near the end of its life. Better to call now and have one our team in our mobile mechanics Bishops Stortford team come and take a look.

Sign 5: You see the “Check Engine” light

The infamous dashboard signal reminding us to check the engine is one of those things that no driver wants to see as they start up the car to go to work. The imprecise signal with its ambiguous meaning seems to do nothing more than fill us with dread. One of the things that prompts the engine light is a depleted battery, so that is something that a mobile mechanic can check (or you if you have a voltmeter and some knowhow). 

Sign 6: Interior lights are dimmed or not working

If you’re suspicious about the state of your car’s battery, another thing you can check is the interior lighting. Start with the dome light. Switch it on and see if it seems as bright as usual. A failing battery will result in a dimmer light, and a dead battery will mean the light doesn’t come on at all. Either way, it’s a handy “double-check” method when you receive a sign a “check engine” light that could mean a lot of different things.

Sign 7: Backfiring in your car

A failing battery will cause a lot of misfires in your car. Since it is not able to properly fulfil its function of igniting the fuel-air mixture to start the action that makes your engine go, it can cause fuel to steadily accumulate in the combustion chambers. As it accumulates, it increases the risk of a backfire. When it’s working properly, this build-up of fuel shouldn’t happen because it would be burned off as the engine ignites it to start up the engine.

Smart Mechanics: Battery Replacement and Repair in Bishops Stortford

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, and especially if you’ve noticed more than one, you should give our team a call to come and take a look at your car’s battery. As with many car maintenance issues, it’s better to get it sorted earlier rather than later, since delaying your car’s battery repair may cause further problems down the line.

If you need mobile mechanics services in Bishops Stortford or the surrounding area — Stansted, Sawbridgeworth, Saffron Walden, Braintree, Broxbourne etc — get in touch and we will bring our tools, expertise and years of experience to your home or office. It’s the most convenient solution to any car maintenance issue you’re having.

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