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Oct 17

Schedule Your MOT With Our Reliable and Trusted Mechanics

An MOT is a legally mandated yearly health examination for any vehicle over three years old. It checks your car’s brakes, steering, tyres, and fuel system to verify it’s roadworthy.

Maintaining the roadworthiness of your vehicle is a vital aspect of being a responsible driver. The experts at Smart Mechanics in Bishop Stortford and Stansted are ready to help you schedule your car’s yearly MOT and servicing. We provide dependable MOT testing at a low cost. You can trust our expert specialists for automobile MOT tests.

What exactly gets tested during a MOT?

The MOT test is intended to guarantee that your vehicle is roadworthy. When you take your car in for a MOT, the garage will check:

  • that all seats are properly fitted and that the seatbelts function properly
  • That your windshield is not damaged and that the wipers/washers are functioning properly.
  • All of the outside lights are operational.
  • On the dashboard, there are no warning lights.
  • The doors close correctly, and all latches function well.
  • There is no structural deterioration, such as heavy corrosion.
  • The brakes and steering are operational.
  • The tyres have sufficient tread and are not damaged.
  • The car’s emissions are not excessive.

At Smart Mechanics we provide a sitting room with tea and coffee making facilities where you may rest while testing is being performed. Depending on your preferences, we can also collect and deliver your car from your house or drop you off at home and pick you up when the test is finished.

We take pleasure in the customer care we give, ensuring that our clients are back on the road as quickly as possible. To ensure optimum longevity for your car, we use excellent parts during our services while keeping our rates affordable.

Contact us if your car is due for a MOT and you live in Bishop Stortford or Stansted.  To remove the risk of bias, all tests are carried out by an independent team. There’s no need to go to the garage either. We can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up and dropped off, as well as a courtesy car if you need to be mobile.

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