Dents and scratches are unsightly and can deplete the value of your vehicle.

Car scratches are really frustrating for a car enthusiast like us. Means nobody who loves his/her car can tolerate it and it does look really dull in our car.

Car scratches and scrapes in the paintwork can be horrible things to happen to your vehicle. No matter how they occur, scratches and paint damage are unsightly. They can drive down the resale value of your car and untreated scratches can lead to further damage later. Left unrepaired, scratches can lead to exposing the body of the car, escalating into potential rust problems later down the line.

Originally, the only options for a car scratch repair would be to go into your local body shop or to use insurance premiums, both of which can be inconvenient and expensive. Here at Smart Refurbs, we offer car scratch & bodywork repairs and smart services that are cost- effective & convenient. Our specialists can carry out complete car body repairs and fix a range of damages such as scratches, dents, scuffs etc. Now there is no excuse to leave those car scratches unattended.

What is the different type of car scratches?

Scratches vary between hardly noticeable to deep or in expert tone it is differentiated in 3 kinds.

  • Clear-coat scratch
  • Primer scratch
  • Paint scratch

How do I get rid of the scratches on my car?

There are different scratch remover treatment depending upon the severity level like if there are some minor scratch you can remove it at home using several methods that we are going to discuss soon but if the damage is too deep then you should opt for various car scratch repair kit or body shop work. Here are some common methods to remove a car scratch.

  • Rubbing compound

A simple surface-level scratch can be judged using your fingernail. If your nail is unable to catch it then it can be removed using a special rubbing compound. This is done by first, washing the affected area effectively use car soapy water and then cleaning it with a microfiber cloth.

  • Car scratch repair kit

A store-bought scratch repair kit can also be used to remove mild scratches. The kit contains buff pad and scratch remover solution. The surface is first washed so that there is no dust or debris lodged on the surface. The surface is then dried with a microfiber cloth.

  • Professional denting/painting for deep scratches

There is no replacement for professional denting painting work. Getting your car scratch removed by denting painting experts, at Smart Refurbs we will guarantee perfect-showroom-finish results.

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