Why choose Smart Refurbs accessories detailing?

Smart Refurbs has become the premier source for full-service auto accessory detailing services for car lovers across the region. Offering custom services, we promise incredible selection, superior service, and unquestionable results.

Accessory Detailing! It is essential for the condition of your car whether you are keeping it for a short time, or until the wheels fall off. For what it is worth, detailing will also help prevent your wheels from turning into scrap!

When you choose to invest in your car by taking care of and protecting its exterior and interior surfaces, you make it safer, more enjoyable to drive, and easier to clean next time around which makes subsequent cleanings cheaper as they will be less extensive.

A detailing is more than a car wash, it is a white glove service where more care is taken than people imagine. A car wash is a production line where your wheels are clamped in, paint is assaulted with brushes that cleaned every other car, and makes more damage than people imagine.

A proper detailing preserves the surfaces as the paint, glass, wheels, seats, carpets, and dashboard are finished off with protectant. This protectant guards against attack from paint-staining tar and leaves, clearcoat-eating bird droppings and bug splatter, and even paint scratches and interior spills.

Smart Repairs in Bishops Stortford works to give drivers, car enthusiasts, and professional detailers the tools, supplies, and knowledge necessary to give their vehicles a beautiful detail. We care about cars and we are interested in what works best. We are, literally, “auto obsessed”.

Premium auto detailing products and services at Smart Repairs
To the customer who wants to keep their car looking off-the-lot brand new, Smart Repairs is the source for the premium automotive accessory detailing products.

Whether you choose us to complete any of our auto accessory detailing services, you will enjoy the same exceptional level of attention and care, across the board. Find out why so many of the region’s residents and business owners trust us with the performance and appearance of their vehicles by scheduling your next service with us now at Smart Repairs in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Saffron Walden. For a free quote, email us on info@smart-refurbs.co.uk, or give us a call on 07377 267716.