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After an accident, bumper damage is one of the most typical automobile repairs. Depending on the severity of the hit, your bumper may be only scraped or severely damaged after a vehicle accident.

It’s critical to take the appropriate procedures for your bumper based on its post-accident state. If you repair rather than replace your seriously damaged bumper, you risk being injured in future collisions.

How Your Bumpers Keep You Safe

The bumper is one of several components in your automobile that serves to protect and assure your safety. To protect you and your passengers, your vehicle bumper is intended to absorb the impact of a collision at the front or back of the vehicle.

Expanded coverings made of plastic or metal encapsulate energy-absorbing elements in vehicle guards. Bumpers are designed to withstand any hit from the front or rear of your car, limiting crash damage.

What are the Different Types of Collisions that Cause Bumper Damages?

The severity of bumper damage is determined on the type of accident. So, how can you know whether your vehicle’s bumper needs to be repaired or replaced?

Damages that can be repaired

  • Scratches on the surface

The majority of scratches may be hidden by painting over them. More serious paint damage, such as deep scratches, may necessitate sanding or filling with compound before painting. To acquire the proper colour for your vehicle’s paint repairs, the auto shop will employ paint matching.

  • Vehicle dents of a minor kind

Single incidents with minor and isolated impacts commonly result in minor bumper dents. These dents may typically be mended if they are tiny and limited to a single place. It’s critical that the dent did not cause harm to the bumper’s other components.

  • Bumper Cracks

Almost all bumper cracks may be repaired. Repairing cracks, on the other hand, can often be more expensive than replacing them. Depending on the cost of the individual bumper and the extent of the damage, the optimal solution for each customer will vary.

Damages that require replacement

  • Hooks or fasteners that have broken

The bumper will need to be replaced if any fasteners or hooks are missing, twisted, or damaged. The bumper will not stay on the automobile if the connections are broken. It may fall off the automobile while driving, and it will not provide protection in the event of an accident.

  • Car body damage

Accidents that cause damage to your vehicle’s bumper might lead to serious frame damage. When the frame of your car is twisted, bent, or fractured, it poses a serious safety hazard. Even if your bumper does not appear to be substantially damaged, it will not be safe if there is underlying automobile body damage. After the body repairs are completed, it should be replaced.

  • Denting on a large scale

A bumper that has a ding that spans a few inches across it or has dents in many locations has to be replaced. On substantial damage, standard dent repair will be less effective and successful. The biggest worry is safety, as the bumper, if rebuilt, will not provide much protection in the event of another collision.

Get Your Car Bumper Repaired Today

It’s critical to get expert help if you’ve sustained bumper damage. A reputable vehicle body shop will assess your damages and perform any necessary bumper repairs or replacements. Call Smart Repairs in Harlow, Smart Repairs in Bishop Stortford, Smart Repairs in Stansted, or Smart Repairs in Saffron Walden to schedule a free quote.