How are the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle treated at Smart Refurbs?

A few cosmetic touch-ups here and there to restore your automobile’s paintwork are part of car detailing. The goal of detailing is to ensure that when you take your automobile out of the detailing business, it appears as good as new by eliminating scratches and swirl marks. The car’s paintwork and bodywork are not involved in the detailed procedure.

What Is Included in Car Detailing?

A complete automobile detailing procedure entails a full washing of the vehicle, whether it’s the inside or exterior.

Car Detailing on the Outside

  • Car Cleaning

The outside automobile detailing procedure starts with a thorough cleaning using a pH-neutral car shampoo. Allow enough time for the car shampoo to froth up to the point where the collected muck is soft enough to rinse away.

  • Claying of the Surface

The paintwork is then clayed using the clay bar after it has been washed. The clay bar gets rid of any filth that other detergents couldn’t get rid of.

  • Polishing & Rubbing

The procedure of vehicle polishing is carried out after the car has been thoroughly cleaned. The old polish is removed from the paint surface, and a fresh protective wax layer is applied either by hand or by machine.

  • Sealing the Paint

Paint sealing is done to protect the automobile’s finish using a specially formulated automotive sealer or wax. This is done to bring the automobile back to its original showroom sheen that it may have lost over time.

  • Headlights, taillights, and other accessories

For improved illumination, the headlights and taillights have been cleaned. After cleaning the lights, make sure they’re firmly sealed with a plastic sealer.

After the exteriors have been taken care of, the interiors are examined.

Car Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is a significantly more involved and time-consuming procedure. Cleaning, vacuuming, dashboard polishing, and other procedures are all part of the interior detailing process. Due to the emphasis placed on each and every detail, the interior detailing process takes significantly longer.

  • Vacuuming the inside

A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the whole automobile, removing dust particles from even the tightest of spaces. The AC vents are also cleaned.

  • Cleaning & Brushing

The car’s upholstery, matting, and other items are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. The leather coverings are cleaned and polished using a leather cleaner for a better appearance and to prevent them from stains and damage.

  • Cleaning of Glass

The glasses are cleaned using a glass cleaner to ensure that they are squeaky clean, do not obstruct the driver’s view, and make the automobile appear gleaming and spotless.

  • Perfuming

After cleaning the car once again, the perfume is applied.

Cleaning the Engine Bay

The engine compartment is the vehicle’s beating heart. Make sure the engine bay of your automobile is cleaned while getting it detailed. Many automobile detailers overlook this step while detailing a vehicle.

The engine bay cleaning procedure is cleaning the engine using a pressure washer (in mist mode) to remove the top layer of dust, grime, and grit. After that, the engine is washed, cleaned, and wiped. The detailing procedure ensures that the engine is appropriately clothed with a coating to prevent rubber and silicone sections of the engine from breaking after it has been cleaned.

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