Prevention is always preferable to cure when it comes to alloy wheel damage. The difficulty is that determining whether your wheels aren’t in good shape can be difficult, if not impossible.

On the surface, tyres and rims may appear to be nearly brand new, but a deeper inspection might reveal some concerning information.

Rim Damage- What Causes It?

  • Potholes

Avoid potholes like the plague if you want to keep your rims in good shape. Even at moderate speeds, small depressions on the road can cause severe rim damage. Hitting a pothole at the proper angle and with the right amount of force may bend and twist a rim, affecting the control and performance of your vehicle.Inspect your car’s rims and contact Smart Repairs in Bishops Stortford, Stansted, Harlow, and Saffron Walden if you’ve hit your fair share of potholes. If you discover any damage, please notify the appropriate authorities.

  • Dust from the brakes

Fine brake dust covers the wheels every time you apply the brakes to your automobile. This tiny black grit will burn into the surface of the rim over time, resulting in pitted, dark-colored rims. Fortunately, you may get your wheels reconditioned at a far lower cost than purchasing a new set of rims.

  •  Curb damage

Have you ever made a fast turn and brushed up against a curb? One or more of your rims may already be damaged if this is the case. Parking beside towering curbs can be hazardous to your wheels since the cement grinds the paint and finishes off the wheels while also causing gouges in the metal. Visit Smart Repairs before you decide to buy new rims altogether if you see any visible scratches or cracks.

The impact of alloy wheel damage can be devastating when it isn’t addressed promptly and appropriately. Bring your car in today, and our staff will assess the condition of your alloy wheel rims. Smart Refurbs in Bishops Stortford, Stansted, Harlow, and Saffron Walden are the closest locations.