Why is it important to protect the exterior plastics of your car?

Vehicle exteriors rely heavily on plastics. It’s all there for you to see: lights, bumpers, hoods, liftgates, and trim. Plastics are resistant to harsh weather and may help decrease emissions, enhance safety, and save money at the gas pump.

Exterior plastics are a component of a car’s exterior that, if not maintained properly, can detract from the overall appearance. As a result, it’s critical not to overlook them. Whether your bumpers are visible from the front or the rear, they will require a complete cleaning and protection during your detail.

Plastics used on the outside are the most vulnerable. On a regular basis, they are exposed to harmful substances such as rain, road sand, dirt, bird droppings, salt, and tree sap. These polymers have a tendency to fade over time.

They can also dry up and fracture, allowing dust and dirt particles to enter. In other words, in the case of plastics, prevention is always preferable than treatment.

Why is it so important to think about your plastics?

  • Old, dull looking and damaged plastics will make your resale value of your vehicle go down, hence protecting them at Smart Refurbs in Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Stansted or Saffron Walden will make it look better and attractive to the buyers
  • They’re much too often overlooked, which not only devalues any detail but also risks permanent damage.
  • Plastic trim is infamous for becoming impregnated with dirt and deteriorating due to UV exposure.
  • Cleaning and preserving plastic trim is easier than most people believe.

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