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May 11

The MoT Test Extension: 3 Reasons it’s Unsafe

Many drivers out there may have heaved a sigh of relief back in late March when UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, put out the announcement of a six-month extension on the MoT test for anyone who was due after March 30th. It set your mind at rest, saved you a bill and a trip to the garage.


The announcement came as part of the government’s strategy to minimize “unnecessary journeys” and to protect individuals from potential covid-19 infection. This sounds reasonable on the surface, but clear objections quickly arose.

The main opposition to the move came from the Independent Garage Association (IGA), who argued that millions of motorists not taking their tests could mean huge numbers of unroadworthy vehicles being unleashed on our roads in 2020. They pointed to average data that shows 31 percent of vehicles usually fail the MoT test, meaning the number of defective vehicles really could be alarmingly high.

Why you should resist this extension

While we understand completely the fear that has emerged in the wake of the novel coronavirus, there are better reasons for you to get your MoT test done as previously scheduled. Here at Smart Mechanics, we’ve prepared a list of the 3 best reasons why:

Reason 1: You’ll help make our roads safer

The country, and in particular the NHS, has enough to contend with without adding preventable car accidents to the list of national problems. Getting your MoT test done may seem like a meaningless chore, but it has more impact than you know.

Part of our nation’s social contract is that we all accept and live by the rules and conventions of working toward a common good. This applies to our public roads, too. We drive on the road in good faith, trusting our fellow road users to be fit to drive, and to be driving a roadworthy vehicle.

Reason 2: You can support your local businesses

Essex and Hampshire are not immune to the economic impacts of the current pandemic and resulting lockdown. Your local business community badly needs your support. Yes, the MoT test is a government-mandated test, but it’s conducted by your local mechanic.

For some garages, these tests are part of the “bread and butter” services that keep the enterprise ticking over and breaking even. Let’s keep our job-creating and economy-supporting local businesses going during these challenging times.

Reason 3: There’s an almost 1-in-3 chance that you’re not roadworthy

As we mentioned in the background, an average of 31 percent of vehicles are deemed unworthy for road use. That makes it a pretty grim Russian Roulette situation for any of us thinking of skipping the test.

Besides making our public roads safer for the wider community, we should also consider the safety of our own families. The presence of a virus doesn’t remove the risk of driving an unqualified vehicle on the road, and especially at speed.

Take the right precautions and get your MoT

At Smart Mechanics, we are fully equipped and qualified to conduct your MoT test, and we’ve taken all proper measures to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for incoming customers. When we all take the right precautions, the coronavirus can be kept safely at bay. But no amount of hand sanitizer or N95 masks will make your car ready for the road. To book your MoT and get your car certified for the road again, give us a call today.

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