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May 18

Why You Should Stick with Your Local Mechanic

We are going through some difficult times right now. The national lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 has put enormous pressure on local businesses of all kinds. Even mechanics, which have been able to stay open as an essential service, are struggling. Thanks to measures such as the MoT extension, many drivers are putting off essential maintenance and testing, leaving local garages to face the music.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Communities like those in Bishops Stortford will always need good mechanics. We shouldn’t take them for granted, however, or be too taken in by big-brand garages while times are hard. Below are some of the best reasons to support your local mechanic over a big-name brand.

1. The local mechanic is a real part of your community

A local team is born from and intimately connected to your community. They don’t move in from a distant corporate office, or suddenly relocate to where they are told. They are part of the local commercial and social fabric that help keep things together.

What’s more, a local company is more likely to give back to that community. They understand the real needs of the area, and carry a genuine desire to make that place better both for their staff and customers.

2. More of the profits are invested locally

Where a big-name chain hiring local people means there are more pay packets being spent locally, there is still a great deal of money that is sent off elsewhere to enrich a corporate entity. With a community-based company, all or most of the proceeds of doing good business and offering friendly, professional and much-needed automotive services are spent right here.

3. You build a good working relationship

When you stick with your local mechanic, you can build up a close professional relationship based on understanding and mutual trust. The mechanic gets to know your preferences and requirements, as well as the specifics of your car. You can also work with the same mechanic for many years, allowing you to maintain this relationship over the long term.

4. They are flexible and more innovative

Where big chains are set in their ways and offer less flexibility to suit your individual requirements, a local supplier can be more flexible. They can offer you great innovations like mobile mechanics services, as well as a range of repairs and maintenance tailored perfectly to their team. Rather than services being directed centrally, the local business can offer a premium level of service in those areas in which its team members excel.

Smart Mechanics – Sticking with our Community

Here at Smart Mechanics, we know that we wouldn’t be anything without the continued support and love from our local community. We stick with you, and you have stuck with us. As a small thank you; a token of appreciation for our loyal customers and online followers. We are currently running a contest on our Facebook page in which you can win a family ticket to Legoland Windsor.

All you have to do is Like our page, share the competition post and give a comment tagging three friends. Winners will be announced on June 1st. We are so happy to be able to offer this great gift to our great supporters out there.

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