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Sep 26

What is Air-con Regas Service?

When it gets hot outside, you want to make sure that your car is a cool oasis in the pounding British heat. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working properly, your car goes from oasis to sweatbox. Do not let this happen to you. If you find yourself in this situation where your air-con has failed or even if it is just not working like it used to, it may be time for an air-con service or air-con regas service for your car. If you think it might be time for an air-con regas, and you are in Bishops Stortford, UK or any of the surrounding areas such as Sawbridgeworth, UK Harlow, UK, Stansted, UK, Saffron Walden, UK Braintree, UK Broxbourne, UK Hoddesdon, UK or any of the other surrounding areas and villages, then Smart Mechanics is the place to go to make sure you beat the summer heat and don’t have to sweat your way to work or to holiday. Here is all you need to know about air-con regas service.

What is Air-con Regas Service?

When you take your car in for service with qualified and trustworthy mechanics like the ones at Smart Mechanics, the process of air-con regassing involves taking the old, used-up refrigerant gas out of your air-con system and putting in new, fresh refrigerant gas. Simply put, this will restore your air conditioning to tip top levels so the air comes out cold again and you can set your car’s temp to wherever you are comfortable, from “slightly cool” to “icebox”.

How Do I Know I Need Air-con Regas Service?

If your air-con is not working up to snuff, this is the first, and usually the most obvious solution. The telltale signs can be warm air blowing from the vents when you expect it to be cool or just the fact that the air-con is not getting it done like it used to. We all know that feeling, but luckily with air-con regassing there is something you can do about this!

If you have not had air-con regas service in a while (or ever!) it is probably worth getting it done when you feel your air-con starting to struggle. Taking your car into a reliable mechanic (like Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford, UK, just for example) will allow them to diagnose the problem or let you know that there may be a larger problem such as a leak in your air-con system.

How Often Should I Get Air-con Regas Service?

If you ask the pros, they generally will tell you every 2 years or so. However, if you are like most car owners, you just wait until the air stops blowing cold and you start sweating bullets. That is not the worst thing in the world but it is not the best either. While it will not do any permanent damage to your vehicle, not having a properly maintained air conditioning system is inefficient and it will make your car’s engine work harder which will make it burn more fuel. It won’t kill your car but it will definitely put a hurting on your wallet.

Can I Do Air-con Regassing On My Own?

Sure, you could. You could also cut your own hair at home but somethings are best left to the professional. Buying a home kit to perform air-con regassing by yourself is not that much cheaper than getting it done professionally and can become exponentially more expensive if you mess something up and have to get major work done on your air-con system. Professional, smart mechanics will be able to not only perform the service but also diagnose if there are additional issues causing your cooling problems. Lastly, the refrigerant gas you are dealing with is actually pretty dangerous when it comes in contact with a person’s eyes or skin. It can cause burns or worse. So, the best idea is to leave air-con regassing to the professionals.

Is Air-Con Regas Included in Normal Service?

It generally is not at Smart Mechanics or any other mechanic so it is important you keep an eye out for the warning signs and either book an appointment specifically for the air-con regas service or ask about it at your next service appointment. When you are getting air-con service, the mechanic you use will also be able to check the system’s fluid levels, which may be part of regular service in certain packages. They also will be able to do a test called a “vacuum test” if needed to determine if there are any leaks in the system that could be causing the problem instead. Changing the air filters (another part of normal service) will help keep your air-con system in top shape as well.

How Much Does Air-con Regassing Cost?

This is a very important service to help your car run at peak efficiency and to help you stay comfortable and keep your sanity. At Smart Mechanics, you can get air-con regas service done for only £50 including vat. This is a small price to pay to not “lose your cool”, literally and figuratively.


There is not much worse than being hot. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic but tell that to someone who is stuck in traffic, in a sweltering car whose air conditioning system is not working properly! Properly functioning air-con is essential for a highly efficient vehicle and for you and your passengers’ overall comfort and quality of the ride. If you think your air-con is faltering or if you have not had an air-con regassing in the last 2 plus years, come see the qualified, certified pros at Smart Mechanics. Whether you are in Bishops Stortford, UK or any of the surrounding areas such as Sawbridgeworth, UK Harlow, UK, Stansted, UK, Saffron Walden, UK Braintree, UK Broxbourne, UK Hoddesdon, UK or any of the other surrounding areas and villages, these top-notch mechanics will be able to get your car back to peak air-con efficiency. Give them a call at 01279 505 646 or go online to our website at smartmechanics.uk today to make your appointment. It is a VERY smart choice!

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