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Aug 02

4 Reasons why you Brake Pads need to be replaced

Brake pads are a very vital and essential part of your vehicle’s brake system which is why it’s important to make sure your brakes are running smoothly at all times – this will also ensure your safety on the road. Your brake pads wear out with time due to friction and frequency of use. If not replaced on time then it could create much more damage causing you to need more extensive repairs and replacements than just brake pads.

  1. If your brake pads are near the end of their useful life, the very first symptom that’ll surface is a squeaking or squealing noise coming from the brakes.
  2.  If the friction material on the pad is less than ¼ inch thick then it’s best to have your brakes inspected at the earliest. 
  3.  If it is difficult to stop your vehicle with your brake pedal and it vibrates as you press down, this indicates that your brake pads have worn out and need replacement.
  4. Another sign that it’s time to replace your brake pads is when the indicator light turns ON.

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