Our car maintenance tips and tricks
Jul 28


Oil filters have a vital function in maximising the longevity of your vehicle.  All the moving parts in the engine require clean oil in order to efficiently lubricate them.  

What is the function of an oil filter?

The filter’s primary function is to remove all impurities or contaminants from your engine oil. If little parts of dirt or substances get into the oil then they can damage other components of your car and can wear them out much faster. If any speck gets lodged in your engine, it can stop a piston from moving. This in turn can cause serious consequences on the overall performance of your engine. Schedule an appointment with Smart Mechanics in Broxbourne today for a full service oil change!

The oil running through your engine’s system will only function efficiently as long as it can effectively lubricate all the engine’s moving parts. Which is why the oil needs to be kept as clean as possible. A sludgy, contaminated and messy engine will only cause significant damage.

Oil filters have a very important function and if your oil filter is of poor quality, it can shorten the life of your engine and invariably affect other parts and cause damage. 

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