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Jun 23

Car’s Cooling System Maintenance

Like any other part or component of your vehicle, you need to schedule a regular maintenance routine to ensure all these complex and vital parts are working in perfect condition at all times thereby ensuring your safety on the road and everyone around you.

One such important system is your car’s cooling system. What is the function of your vehicle’s cooling system? The radiator system in your vehicle keeps the engine cool, preventing your vehicle from overheating.  Your vehicle’s engine generates a lot of heat and, if the heat is not cooled, your engine could suffer significant damage.  The radiator is placed behind the grill of your vehicle and contains a liquid made up of 50 percent water and 50 percent coolant/antifreeze. Antifreeze, or engine coolant, is a colored liquid that helps to regulate your engine during extreme temperatures. 

Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system can aid in preventing potential damage to other components of your car and save you from expensive repairs. Schedule an appointment with Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford to check your engine’s cooling system and for overall radiator maintenance. 

If the fluid level is really low, your car overheats or the coolant has a burnt smell, then you will want to have your radiator and cooling system inspected by a vehicle repair shop near you

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