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May 02

Exhaust Maintenance – Why is it important?

Your car is an intricate machine made out of different parts that need routine inspection and maintenance in order for them to function smoothly at all times. One such vital component is the exhaust pipe. The main purpose of an exhaust pipe on your car is to divert exhaust fumes away from your engine and significantly reduce their harmfulness.  If the exhaust system is not functioning properly, then those fumes can get into the engine and cause major damage and issues to the other internal components.

Call our team of certified experts in Smart Mechanics if you notice any warning signs with your car’s exhaust system, including strange noises, leaks, check engine light ON etc and get smart repairs done along with thorough auto diagnosis. 

Following are the 4 vital functions of the exhaust pipe:

  • To control noise
  • To direct exhaust fumes away from passengers
  • To enhance the performance of the engine
  • To improve fuel economy

The exhaust system essentially comprises your vehicle’s exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler and pipes – all intelligently designed to direct the waste from the engine out of the vehicle. 

Whether you need to get your car repaired immediately, or want to book regular maintenance, do it with car garage in Bishops Stortford.

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