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Feb 14

Warning Signs That Your Tyres Needs To Be Rotated

Tyres need to be rotated on a routinely basis so they last longer and have even wear. However, many drivers tend to neglect the warning signs, thereby endangering themselves and their vehicles. 

Tyre rotation is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle. It may not seem as important as getting an engine overhaul done, but not rotating your tyres regularly can cost you just the same. Tyre rotation is basically the practice of moving the wheels and tyres from one position to another, essentially to ensure even wear and tear, thus maximising the longevity of your vehicle’s tyres.

Tyres wear down over a certain period of time but ideally they should wear down in an even and uniform manner. Front tyres tend to wear down much faster than the rear ones as they bear most of the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, when the front tyres display wear beyond what the back ones have, it’s best advised to rotate them and put the rear tyres on the front and vice versa. With time, the wear and tear on the front tyres will surface and it’ll be then absolutely necessary to replace all four. Given below are some of the signs that you need to look out for: 

  1. Vibrations occur when driving.
  2. Uneven wear between tyres
  3. One of the tyre losing air pressure 

If you notice any of the above warning signs on your vehicle’s tyres, stop by Smart Mechanics car garage in Stansted for a quick rotation today. Maintenance is an important part of car ownership which is why it’s absolutely necessary to carry out and schedule a preventive maintenance service on a regular basis to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and operating at optimum level at all times. 

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