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May 12

What is the role of an Engine Oil?

The primary purpose of an engine oil is to lubricate the engine parts, which are in constant friction – which tends to cause wear & tear of engine parts. Periodic oil and filter change needs to be scheduled on a routine basis with Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford in order to ensure your functions efficiently and smoothly at all times. 

Important functions of the Engine Oil:

  • Helps in preventing deposits from forming on internal engine components
  • Lessens friction that will significantly reduce wear and tear
  • Enhances engine performance 
  • Minimises internal component corrosion
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Makes sure the engine block is clean and free from residue

If the oil isn’t changed on a regular basis, your car’s engine will start to experience a lot of internal and external issues. The most common problem is that the components in your engine will become too hot which will invariably contribute to your car’s engine running less efficiently, and eventually, it can lead to bigger and more expensive engine damage. Bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you or our recovery service will come to you if you are stuck somewhere.

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