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Sep 04

Why should you replace your vehicle’s air filter on a periodic basis?

Your car’s air filter is the engine’s first line of defence. A clean engine operates more efficiently than a filthy one. A fresh air filter provides clean air to your vehicle’s engine, which is necessary for combustion. The air filter keeps dirt, dust, and leaves out of your car’s engine, which might potentially cause damage.
Here are few reasons why you should get the air filter cleaned:-

  1. Improved fuel economy
    Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, replacing a clogged air filter might enhance fuel economy and acceleration. It becomes obvious that you should replace your air filters on a regular basis once you realise this. A clogged or broken air filter restricts the quantity of air that enters your car’s engine, forcing it to work harder and using more gasoline.
  2. Emissions reductions
    Clogged air filters can restrict air flow to the engine, effectively choking it, affecting the car’s pollution control systems, resulting in an improper air-fuel mixture and spark plug ignition difficulties, which can cause significant drivability issues.
  3. Extends the life of your engine
    Because the air filter is designed to catch harmful dirt and debris that might damage internal engine elements like the cylinders and pistons, changing the air filter on a regular basis helps extend engine life. Particles as tiny as a grain of salt can cause engine damage, requiring costly repairs.

Air filters should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or more frequently if driving conditions are dusty. The air filter should be updated according to the maintenance plan in the owner’s handbook. Even though a filthy air filter appears to be in good condition, it should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
A replacement air filter will enhance engine performance by increasing gas mileage, lowering pollutants, and allowing optimal air movement. For the most part, it’s routine practise for the technicians. For skilled car service, make an appointment with Smart Mechanics in Bishop Stortford or Smart Mechanics in Stansted. Furthermore, changing your air filter on a regular basis can preserve your engine and critical internal engine parts from excessive wear and corrosion, which can lead to driveability concerns and possibly costly engine repairs.

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