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May 27

The 6 Most Common Reasons Mechanics Fail You at the MoT

The MoT test is an annual requirement for any car more than 3 years old. This much you probably already knew. What you may find interesting is knowing the most common reasons that cars fail the test. The Independent Garage Association (IGA) frequently remind us of the importance of keeping... read more →
May 20

5 Signs That you are in Need of Brake Repair

Brakes --- you really can’t manage without them being in tip-top shape. Our brakes suddenly cutting out while we’re driving at speed is a nightmare scenario for any driver. The goal, then, should be to catch any potential problems with our brakes before they turn into something more serious, or... read more →
May 18

Why You Should Stick with Your Local Mechanic

We are going through some difficult times right now. The national lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 has put enormous pressure on local businesses of all kinds. Even mechanics, which have been able to stay open as an essential service, are struggling. Thanks to measures such as the MoT extension,... read more →
May 11

The MoT Test Extension: 3 Reasons it’s Unsafe

Many drivers out there may have heaved a sigh of relief back in late March when UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, put out the announcement of a six-month extension on the MoT test for anyone who was due after March 30th. It set your mind at rest, saved you a... read more →
Sep 26
Sep 26

What is Air-con Regas Service?

When it gets hot outside, you want to make sure that your car is a cool oasis in the pounding British heat. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not working properly, your car goes from oasis to sweatbox. Do not let this happen to you. If you find yourself... read more →

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